PSVANE WE205D Xtreme Serie Vaccum Tube HIFI EXQUIS Electron Valve 205 WE205D-L Lamp

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  • Shorter Pins
  • Longer Pins
  • 2 PCS

PSVANE WE205D have two versions: 
The short pins version: WE205D , the 4 x feets have the same diametters.
The long pins version WE205D-L have 4 x long feets(2 thick feets and 2 x fine feets just like 300B tube)




WE205D need to match the original WE style tube socket.


electrical parameter---- rated value                          rated value     units 
interelectrode capacitance
input capacitance                                  4.8        uuF
output capacitance                                  5.2        uuF
transfer capacitance                            ≤    3.3        uuF


Typical working parameters

filament voltage                                    4.5      V

filament current                                    1.6      A

anode voltage                                  300      V

grid voltage                                  - 30   V

anode current                                    8       Ma

amplification coefficient                                    6.7   

output power                            ≥      800      m W



electrical parameter——absolute maximum rating  minimum value   maximum rating     units

filament voltage                                       4      5       V

anode voltage                             -          400        V

anode dissipation power                         -          15        W 
anode current                             -           50       mA





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