PSVANE WE211 Xtreme Serie Replica Tube Factory Matched 211 Electron Lamp HIFI EXQUIS

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Psvane WE211 Xtreme Classic Series, matched PAIR in exclusive gift boxes
The PSVANE WE211 Western Electric Replica get shipped as factory matched pair 

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  • 2 PCS

The Xtreme Classic Series Psvane WE211 has exactly the same electronic specification as the original Western Electric WE 211. 
a timeless beauty in perfect build quality for years of your audio performance
WE211 is direct-heated type thorium tungsten cathode triode, can be used as class A, B and C.


WE211 is direct heat thorium tungsten cathode triode,

can be used for Class A, B, C power amplification.

filament heating
Uf--------------------------------------10 V
If---------------------------------------3.25 A

interelectrode capacitance

input capacitance----------------------------------6 PF
output capacitance----------------------------------5.5 PF
transfer capacitance----------------------------------14.5 PF

static parameter
Ua--------------------------------------1250 V
—Ug------------------------------------70 V
Ia--------------------------------------100 mA
Gm-------------------------------------3.8 mA/V
u(when Ia=75mA)---------------------------12
RL--------------------------------------7 KΩ
Pout------------------------------------10 W

Recommend working status (reference)
Single tube class A amplifier (A - F)

Typical working conditions  Limit parameters
Ua--------750 1000 1250 1250 V
Pa----------------------------75 W
—Ug-------46 61 80 V
Ug(pk)-----41 56 75 V
Ia(0)-------34 53 60 mA
ri---------4.4 3.8 3.6 KΩ
RL--------8.8 7.6 9.2 KΩ
Pout-------5.6 12 19.7 W

Push-pull class B power amplifier (A - F) :
Typical working conditions  Limit parameters
Ua------------------ 1000 1250 1250 V
Ia (mAx.sig per tube)-------------------175 mA
Pa (in) (mAx.sig per tube)--------------- 220 W
Pa (per tube)------------------------- 100 W
—Ug------------------72 95 V
Ug(pk)-----------------380 410 V
Ia (0)------------------20 20 mA
Ia(mAx.sig)-----------320 320 mA
Pd(mAx.sig)------------7.5 8 W
RL(a—a)---------------6.9 9 KΩ
Pout------------------200 260 W




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HiFi EXQUiS use secure package to send the tube, We guarantee the tube will devliered to you with good condition.

But thank you always to check the tube state face with courier during delivery process.

PSVANE HIFI and UK Series tube have 6 month for guarantee

PSVANE TII and Xtreme Series tube have 1 year guarantee


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