PSVANE WE274B Xtreme Series 1:1 Replica Western-Electric 274B Vaccum Tube HIFI EXQUIS

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The world's only complete engraved Western Electric 274B40's lettering version 274B. Including all aspects of materials, structures, processes, sound performance, etc.  All aspects were not any compromise;

Exclusive mastered original factory's archived for years's first-hand drawings and formulations.  Including production processes, temperature and humidity and all the details full compliance original requirement

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PSVANE WE274B Western Electric Replica The finest rectivfier tube ever made: the legendary WE274B 



After releasing relaunch of the Western Electric 300B PSVANE took its time for research on the perfekt PSVANE WE274B. 
More than 18 months of meticulous research the deed is done.
The PSVANE WE 274B has all the tone and charme of the historic Western Electric 274B and still affords a friction of the cost for the old collectors item.
PSVANE holds the Western Electric construction drawings and formulars of the 1940s and did follow its original requirements in all details. 
This includes the accurate selection of materials and components as well as its processing technology and the terms for processing like temperature and humidity.
The result is beyond comparison: the best rectifier tube made today and on par with best of historic made: WE 274B
WE274B, directly heated full-wave rectifier,274B is very similar with 5U4G and 5Z3P, can also replace GZ34 in most applications





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HiFi EXQUiS use secure package to send the tube, We guarantee the tube will devliered to you with good condition.

But thank you always to check the tube state face with courier during delivery process.

PSVANE HIFI and UK Series tube have 6 month for guarantee

PSVANE TII and Xtreme Series tube have 1 year guarantee

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