Gustard U12 Xmos USB to Croxial SPDIF converter HIFI EXQUIS 32bit 384K DSD Digital Interface AES/EBU IIS

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  • Gustard U12 digital interface,XMOS Program, Independent linear power supply, The interface is complete, 0.1PPM crystal, support 32B 384K.
  • U12 uses the XMOS company used in professional audio field latest chip U8, inside there are eight cores, with powerful multi-core multi-thread processing capability, is the industry's very good USB Audio Class 2.0 digital audio solutions


  • Increase the screen display, sampling rate be clear at a glance.
  • Using XMOS programs to support 32B 384khz asynchronous 2.0 (USB recommended ASIO output)
  • Using an independent power supply. Built-sealing Toroidal transformer, multiple sets of multi-level regulation.
  • Optimize the design of the audio clock circuit, the use of high-precision active crystal 0.1PPM to provide more perfect clock signal to digital audio.
  • Total of four output: Coaxial (RCA), optical fiber, AES / EBU, IIS (HDMI port).
  • Using intelligent Startup and Shutdown, USB has a current interface to boot. Interface with the computer switch changes (computer to be set off USB power failure), or unplug the USB cable directly to the shutdown.

Details Show:
1.Aluminum chassis, the drawing process, the body all black, black and silver panel optional,we will send the Color at random if you not have any requirement.

2.Digital display. DSD support 128, PCM supports 384K

3.Interface from left to right are: power input, AES / EBU output, coaxial output, IIS output, optical output, USB input

4.Rigorous design, reasonable layout, elegant lines, High-grade material

5.XMOS - U8 chip,support 32BIT / 500MIPS digital signal processing unit, the inside has eight core.

6.Two 0.1PPM precision crystal 45.1584M 49.1520M.

7.AC mains input, built-in intelligent switches, plug in USB automatically. International voltage AC115V-230V, the need to manually adjust

Package view:

IIS output feet definition: