XiangSheng 708B Tube Pre-Amplifier headphone output HIFI EXQUIS lamp Preamps

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708B is a tube headphone amplifier, is a tube preamplifier.

Sound Features  Without noise, wide dynamic range, wide frequency response, low output impedance

Headphone Amplification is dynamic, high-resolution, treble clear and transparent, pleasant and pleasant; meddle frequency is full, rich texture; low-frequency powerful, flexible. Sound warm , with a high degree of reduction sound quality, quiet and witout  background noise.

It is with excellent circuit, sophisticated components, it could sound quality and tone have a superior performance. The practical audition, 708B amp this dynamic, high analytical, treble clear, refreshing and pleasant; M-Frequency if full range, rich in voice; low F full and flexible. warm sound is Naiting , with a high degree of sound reduction, quiet background music.



  • Output Tube :     rectifier 6Z4x1,  driver  6N11  x 2, 6N3 x1
  • Input Impedance :     100k ohms  (HIFI EXQUIS co limited)
  • Preamp output impedance : 600 ohms ;
  • Headphone output impedance :32 - 600 ohms ( recommended use high impedance headphones )
  • Harmonic Distortion :  less than 0.01%
  • Headphone amp output power :
        500mW x2  (32 ohm)  (HIFI EXQUIS co limited)
        300mW x2  (300 ohm)
        250mW x2  (600 ohm)
  • Frequency:      20Hz-30KHz  +/-1db
  • Signal/Noise Ratio : 89dB
  • Input Jack : 2  group
  • Output Jack : 1  group
  • Size Dimension : Width  180mm x Height 80mm  x Depth 270mm
  • Color: Silver or Black
  • Input Power :  AC110V-240V switch power supply
  • net weight : 2.5kg (HIFI EXQUIS co limited)
  • Package weight : 3.2kg 


  • Both a tube pre-amplifier also it is a tube headphone amp .
  • This nice amplifier refer to famous Japan Wada  Shigeho's Style improved Electric Circuit, having  excellent performance.
  • 8mm thick aluminum alloy with silver plating process panels, advanced wrinkle paint process thin steel casing , a large metal knob.
  • Unique tube display large window , the background light with a warm orange-red.
  • Signal input and output using gold-plated RCA terminals in Taiwan , small contact resistance .
  • power line with three plug power socket , easy to upgrade the power cord.
  • Taiwan- WL volume control potentiometer or wizard ,
  • Germany WIMA red MKP grade polypropylene coupling capacitors  
  • Taiwan produced no sense of metal film resistors,
  • Teflon silver plated signal lines.
  • R-shape high efficiency transformer, reducing the contact resistance,high efficiency, low magnetic leakage(HIFI EXQUIS co limited)
  • using high-pressure tube rectifier ,
  • two high-quality large pond filter capacitors .
  • The highly respected enthusiasts no negative feedback circuit form .
  • Switch input sourc(HIFI EXQUIS co limited)



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XiangSheng 708B Tube Pre-Amplifier headphone output HIFI EXQUIS lamp Preamps

XiangSheng 708B Tube Pre-Amplifier headphone output HIFI EXQUIS lamp Preamps