XiangSheng 728A Tube Pre-Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS Famous Japanese Cuircuit 12AT7 12AU7 6Z4 Pre-amps

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This is a new Xiangsheng 728A tube pre-amplifier without the tones adjustment, this upgrade can offer a better pure HIFI original sound and improve the sound quality

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  • With all tubes
  • Without tubes



Wonderful  stereo  Pre-Amplifier,  built  with the  best  parts  available,
The  pre-amplifier  improved  based on  famous  Wada  Shigeho's  Style  Electric  circuit, which  was  Introduced  by Japanese Wada  Shigeho  in the  early  1960s  and gave  an  excellent  performance.
Regarding  the Wada  Shigeho's  Style  Electric  circuit, it not  only  still  keep the  good  features  of  Marantz7,meanwhile  it have  superrior  features  in  Dynamic, High/Low  Frequency  Response,  Resolution  and  Signal  to Noise  Ratio as  compared  to  Marantz7.But  apart  from  above  features,  it’s  also not  inferior  to  Marantz7  in Sound  stage  and airy  feeling. Adopt  4pcs  paper in  oil  capacitors  and  German  WIMA  capacitors  for  coupling  effect, make  the  sound  warm and  delicate.

Product characteristics :
The line reference and Tianmao improve lines and adjust according to the different uses of the bile duct peripheral component parameters to maximize the strengths of the bile duct , so that the machine can no matter what the outstanding performance of the bile duct . Japanese and Shigeru launched in the early 1960s, the performance is excellent. It maintained a Marantz7 mellow and full of musical taste characteristics, but regardless dynamic , transient, high frequency response , power analysis , signal to noise ratio than Marantz7 good , and in the sound field , transparent flu and Marantz7 enough to keep pace .

  • Size : 430 × 90 × 290mm
  • Input impedance : 100K;
  • Output impedance : 600 ohms
  • Output max volatage: 15v
  • SNR : 90dB;
  • Frequency Response : 10Hz - 30KHz;
  • Distortion : ≤ 1%.
  • Input Power :    AC100V-AC240V available 60Hz/50Hz
  • Output Tube :    12AT7×2, 12AU7×2, 6Z4×2
  • Input Sensitivity :    400m
  • Humidity :    35%—80%
  • TMD :    less than 0.01%
  • Input Jack :    4 groups
  • Output Jack :    2 groups(same voltage), you can connect Bi-amplifiers
  • Net weight : 8.5kg, 
  • Package size weight : 11.8kg
  • Colors: Black or Sliver front panel to choose


The export-oriented unit 728 in the third generation on the basis of preamp after many improvements made , compared with the original machine , elegant and dignified appearance , taste extraordinary.
In addition to retaining all of its advantages, it also increases the following advantages :

  • The circuit board designed interior layout is more reasonable , clean and beautiful .
  • The front panel with silver plating 6mm thick aluminum wire drawing process panel , blue power indicator tube , and adds a unique large window display tubes , with warm red-orange background , higher grade quality .
  • Advanced sandblasting paint process sheet steel enclosure , high light metal knobs, a large cellular machine feet.
  • 4 stereo input signal switch , rotary switch control using conventional sealed relays senior converted signal , avoiding the switching noise , long life.
  • using a relay signal output delay , to be enlarged after the tube into the steady state relay output signal , avoiding the unpleasant noise generated in the tube preheating process .
  • The output signal provides two output sets, both you can connect two power amp together, you can also connect two integrated Amplifier.
  • Input and output interfaces that are used in a gold-plated RCA seat
  • Increase the grid filter purification circuit , you can filter the grid and DC components of clutter .
  • Taiwan good quality potentiometer volume control.
  • Antique oil capacitors and German WIMA red MKP polypropylene capacitive coupling.
  • Using the best quality in the transformer power supply R-type bovine ( Square transformers and toroidal transformers leakage magnetic flux leakage is large, and therefore have a greater radiation frequency noise, and small R-type is very small ) , using high-pressure tube rectifier in parallel , two large reservoirs and high-quality inductors filtering



By (Shavington, United Kingdom) on 03 Oct. 2017 (XiangSheng 728A Tube Pre-Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS Famous Japanese Cuircuit 12AT7 12AU7 6Z4 Pre-amps) :

XiangSheng 728A Tube Pre-Amplifier

This is a superb preamp, regardless of its low cost. It will hold its own against products 10X its price. Highly recommended as are HIFI EXQUIS for their superb service.

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