Reisong Boyuu A6 replica M7 12AX7 Tube Pre-amplifier HIFI EXQUIS 6z4 rectifier pre-amp high level lamp preamplifier BYM7

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"Boyuu" just changed their brand name to "Reisong",  so maybe we have some amplifier come with "Reisong" brand name , and others come with "Boyuu" or "Tube" words on the front plate, please pay attention,  if you want some pecial plate, please contact us for more detail information 

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  • 220-240v version




Boyuu have just release their latest replica legendary Marantz 7 tube preamplifier,
This pre-amp's sound is mellow, sweet, alto is natural warm, full tube flavor quest to attract thousands of fans of this sound! after several revised, The imitation Marantz 7 tube amplifier successful launch, the sound quality is with a good surprise! not harsh and delicate treble,  (HIFI EXQUIS co, Ltd.  )
Human voice, natural, delicate, smooth strings, stretch, heard hear, the sound field is very atmospheric, each playing a musical instrument in earnest, positioning are very nice, treble transparent slender, velvety and elegant, low frequency is deep and detail


  • Pre-amplification tube: 3x shuguang 12ax7 (HIFI EXQUIS co, Ltd.)
  • Rectifier: 1x 6z4, upgrade to use 6x4 rectifier is possible(need remove the default 6z4 rectifer,and plug 6x4 in the empty seat)
  • AC power supply: 110v-240v 50/60hz,
  • Input : 4 groupe of analog input with RCA jack, 
  • Output:  2 pair of RCA signal output
  • Frequency Response: 10-26kHz (+/- 0.11dB)
  • Voltage amplifier level:  x15 times
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.078%
  • Signal to noise ratio: -99dB(HIFI EXQUIS co, Ltd.)
  • Size: W420 x D380 x H135mm
  • Net weight: 10kg
  • Package weight: 12kg
  • ​Package size weight: 13kg(have a bigger pacakge to protect it)
Product Features:
  • Japanese original ALPS 32 type potentiometer,
  • SNR up to -99dB, extremely clean background.
  • Power transformers using double shield (HIFI EXQUIS co, Ltd.)
  • Amplification circuit using scaffolding of welding



(HIFI EXQUIS co, Ltd.)


Use speacial Power transformer Shield and Tubes Shield to isolate maximum noise and electromagnetic: 

(HIFI EXQUIS co, Ltd. )



Use all high quality inside special signal cable with high shield effet:


Use PAI type CLC inductance and USA 6X4 rectifier in the power control part:

German ERO music ouput capacitors:

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