Meixing MingDa MC67-PL Pre-amplifier phono MM stage HIFI EXQUIS MC7R-II

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Meixing Mingda




For Japan, France, Italy,United kingdom and Russia, they have their own official agent,  we will not distribute this brand in those countries. If you require  some informations, please contact the local agents.

Meixing MingDa MC67-PL Pre amplifier, phono MM stage:



Phono stage paramaters:
  • Input Level: 3mV
  • Input impedance: 47K
  • MM voltage gain: 40dB (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • SNR:60dB
  • Output Impedance: 600Ω (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • MM phono input selection: Group 1
  • Phono amp tube: 6N11x2 (MM amplification)

Pre-amp parameters:

  • Input Level:100mv - 1000mv
  • Output level: 0.3V-3V 
  • Input impedance:50K (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • Distortion: ≤0.01%
  • SNR: 88dB
  • Input selection: 3 groups
  • Output selection:2 groups (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • Electron tube; Shuguang 5Z4Px2 (rectifier)
                                             5687x1 12AX7x1 (regulator)
                                             Special customize 6SN7x4 (amplification)
  • Voltage:AC110/120 or V / 220/235V 60Hz / 50Hz
  • Power consumption:70W
  • Dimension:42*33*18cm
  • Net weight: 18KG 
  • Package weight: 20.6KG (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • This machine has a low output impedance. (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • It has a large sound flied and has a better 3D sensation.(Hifi exquis 1101017
  • High frequency has a clear lines, round, soft.
  • Middle frequency is rich and transparent.
  • Low-frequency has a good control. (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • It is not only a cost effective pre amplifier but also a phono stage.(Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • Its sounds has the performance of classical elegance, but also modern and bright.