JBH 12AX7 tube replica Famous M7 Pre-ampliifer HIFI EXQUIS lamp pre-amp

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  • With all tubes
  • Without tubes

Legendary classic crew Marantz 7 tube preamp, sound quality with its mellow, sweet IF natural, full tube flavor quest to attract thousands of fans of this sound! after several revised, The imitation Marantz 7 tube amplifier successful launch, the sound quality is with a good surprise! not harsh and delicate treble, alto warm alcohol, soft bass without owe efforts have unexpected results!
Human voice, natural, delicate, smooth strings, stretch, heard hear, the sound field is very atmospheric, each playing a musical instrument in earnest, positioning are very nice, treble transparent slender, velvety and elegant, low frequency also very content



  • AC power supply: 100 / 110v, 220v, 240v optional global voltage standards, tell our choice during the order
  • Input jack Standard: RCA Block (4 sets of input, one-output)
  • Frequency Response: 10-26kHz (+/- 0.11dB)
  • Voltage amplifier level: about 15 times
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.078%
  • Signal to noise ratio: -99dB
  • Chassis dimensions: 32 x 17 x 5cm, total height is about 10cm, recommande placed space of the machine, the minimum height requirement of not less than 18cm

Product Features

  • Japanese original ALPS 16 type axial length of 15mm 100k double potentiometer,
  • Switch is a Taiwan-invested factory production of 2*6, they can adjust the positioning mouth into four files to use.
  • Use of all AC power supply in parallel to the three 12ax7
  • 0.8mm brushed stainless steel plates using CNC punching chassis,
  • SNR makes up -99dB, extremely clean background.
  • Power transformers using H360 0.5 core piece 76 * 40 secondary filament winding especially with double shield grounding line is yellow-green line outlet
  • A group of filament 3.15v * 2 for 3 12ax7 filament (12ax7 4 + 5 and 9 feet 6.3v)
  • High Voltage 270v * 2 using the 6z5p bile Rectifier.
  • Amplification circuit using scaffolding of welding, power use PCB
  • Gold-plated RCA Block, 4 inputs, one set of outputs.
  • Use WIMA MKP10 0.1uf capacitors, 0.39u ERO, IT 2.2uf etc. audio-specific capacitors.


HIFI EXQUIS offer you a good packing for this pre-amplifier

Bottom plate is included

By (North Vancouver, Canada) on 18 Oct. 2017 (JBH 12AX7 tube replica Famous M7 Pre-ampliifer HIFI EXQUIS lamp pre-amp) :

JBH 12AX7 Tube Pre-amp.

Good Pre-amp, clear sound.

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