SENSE G1 tube & VMOS Hybrid Headphone amplifier HIFI Exquis earphone amps

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Technical parameters:
    Amplifier Type: Class A Hybrid, Tube(preamp) + VMOS  (power Field Effect Transistor chip)
    Output power: >500mW
    Frequency response: 20Hz-35KHz
    Headphone Impedance: 32ohm - 300ohm
    SNR: > 90dB
    Line Input: RCA
    Headphone Output: 6.35mm stereo jack
    Dimensions: 132mm * 83mm * 65mm (excluding protrusions)
    Support System: Win XP, Win 2003, Vista, Win7 32/64
    Weight: 520g
     Input voltage: AC110-240V 50-60Hz for entire world customer
     Output voltage: DC24V 2000mA
     Weight: 210g


Component selection:
Machine all use imported brand capacitors,
Domestic 1% metal film resistors rings,
In order to ensure the overall quality of the G1,
Fever in key parts of high quality components:
Dedicated volume control using original ALPS volume potentiometer,
Direct thermal duct with Beijing's 2P2J (available 2N2N substitution of the former Soviet Union).

SENSE G1 headphone amp is all aluminum casing.
Internal circuit modular design,
The main PCB is used for power and  power amplification section,



SENSEG1 using:
G1 applicable sources:
CD, MD, MP3, MP4, ipod, computer,


G1 also has a line input and line output:
Line input can take other sources such as CD/MP3, Digital player, etc.
Line output can be connected to powered speakers, Amplifier, etc.
Note that: 
Headphone input and output line behind each other conversions,
Insert earphone line output cut; Unplug the headphone line output is switched on.

First use time:
G1 new machine's sounds is a little tight,
You can take 3 days for RUN-IN, Continuous work not stop for 8 hours each day,
But Not recommended all 24 hours use ,
In addition:
Each boot lamps require 5-20 minute warm-up time.