XiangSheng Music Curve D-2020 Luxury Version 6550/KT88/KT100/EL34/FU50 Tube Integrated Push-Pull Amplifier

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XiangSheng Music Curve D-2020 Luxury Version 6550/KT88/KT100/EL34/FU50 Tube Integrated Push-Pull Amplifier

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  • KT88 Tubes
  • EL34 Power Tube
  • With 6550 Power Tube

EL34 Version: the power tubes are EL34, (replace power tube is EL34, 6CA7, KT66, 6L6), using point to point hand-wiring;
KT88 Version: the power tubs are Shuguang KT88 , (replace power tube is KT88, 6550, KT90), using point to point hand-wiring;
6550 Version: the power tubes are 6550 , (replace power tube is KT100,KT88, KT90),  using point to point hand-wiring;
Technical parameters:
Output Power per channel: 20w/EL34, 30w/KT88, ( only with triode connection mode)
● Frequency response: 20Hz~30kHz ±1db
● Total harmonic distortion: < 1% (1kHz)
● Input sensitivity: 500mV
● Input impedance: 100KΩ
● Output impedance for speakers: 4Ω - 8Ω
● Signal to noise ratio: 89dB
● Preamp Tube: 12AT7×2(center position for R1 and L1), 12AU7×2(side for R2 and L2), 6N6T×2(longer side for R3 and L3)
● Rectifier: 5Z3P×2
● Power tube: 6550B/KT88/EL34 (depens options )
●Volume (width × height × depth): 460 × 180 × 360mm
● Weight: about 23Kg
● All aluminum chassis; Use ALPS 27 type potentiometer;4 groupes inputs,inputs switchs are with relay.
● The power supply cattle and output cattle are made of imported high-grade silicon steel sheets and layered inter-stage winding technology. Power burdock steel: 114mm × stack thickness 60mm, output burdock steel: 96mm × stack thickness 40mm. High quality nylon skeleton, high purity oxygen free copper wire.
●Using WIMA red MKP polypropylene capacitive coupling.
● Use carbon film resistors. Although the error and thermal noise of the carbon film resistor are slightly larger than the resistance of the metal film, everyone recognizes that the sound of the carbon film is warmer. The actual thermal noise carbon film is also almost indistinguishable from the gold film. Considering the warm tone, the default printed circuit board model of this machine uses carbon film resistors, and the scaffolding welding machine uses military Dahongpao gold film resistors and carbon film mixed.
● Rectifier part, high voltage adopts secondary rectification technology, 5Z3P×2 rectifier tube, 4 high quality large ponds and 2 inductive filters.
●Refer to the classic line improvement, 12AT7×2 voltage amplification, 12AU7×2 inversion, 6N6×2 cathode output push, push-pull AB amplification. The frequency response is wider, the phase shift is smaller, and the fidelity is higher.
● Transformers are processed by potting methods commonly used by most manufacturers to provide insulation, moisture, shock absorption, etc., which can greatly reduce the magnetic coupling through the chassis, reduce resonance and reduce noise.
● Power tube use only triode connection mode to giving a best sound quality by reducing some power

point to point hand-wiring


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