XiangSheng WM8761 24bit 96KHz mini USB DAC HIFI EXQUIS TE7022 decoder Coaxial RCA headphone output

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USB driver is TE7022L , D/A decover chip is WM8761 

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We have four color version for this dac, Black, Silver, Red 


Although chip manufacturers have introduced a 24bit, 192K USB chip, for example: TE8802L, CM6631, etc., but there is still recognized as the most stable is TE7022L. Those chips will exist blue screen, crash, etc. BUG, software support is not good.

    The development of the local reference to the original chip plant to provide an evaluation version of the model , DAC chip and line outputs , the amp model of the chip using the same model .
   The machine adopts abroad by senior Shaoyou praise famous USB chip TE7022L receiver chip as the core , this is a direct support to 24bit, 96KHz audio chip 's USB input , other USB chip can only support up to 16bit, 44.1KHz. This is a powerful hard to function USB chip. Of course, the price is cheap.
    This machine has a USB to coaxial, fiber optic , IIS output. For more demanding users, you can use the machine 's digital output port connections are more upscale DAC decoder , better quality analog signal.
    Coaxial , digital optical output signal is sent using a dedicated chip 26C31, coaxial and after pulse transformer output.
    The machine also has a line output LINEOUT, amp output. SPIDERS line output can be integrated amplifier , amp output can SPIDERS 32-600 ohm headphones.
    The machine uses IIS machine WM8761 is decoded into an analog signal, which is a support to 24bit, 192KHz DAC chip , Wolfson company produced high cost of a DAC chip , has a warm tone type . Wolfson has produced over the top DAC chip WM8741, has been adopted in a variety of high-end CD player.
   The machine 's analog output ( line out and headphone ) support PCM stereo signal format mainly used to enjoy music.
   The machine 's digital output ( coaxial , fiber optic , IIS) supports PCM AC-3, DTS signal .
   The machine also has an external power supply function ( need to reprovision external power supply ) .
   Can say that this is based on TE7022L civilian products, currently the world's most complete, most powerful products.
   You can easily fit in your pocket , take the computer anywhere HiFi music listening .
    Aluminum shell, surface blasting process and prepare the red, blue , silver, black four , optional.
    Using active crystal , reduce jitter , improve sound quality.
    The machine can work in the following environments : WIN7, WIN2000, XP, VISTA, MAC and so on.

The first time you connect the device, the computer will prompt the discovery of new hardware and automatically installed soon.
TE7022L exclusive drive in front of the factory has been written native hardware.
In the first installation, will be displayed briefly 96KHz, but may not display 24bit.
You can view the installation is completed via the following path to the device supports up to 24bit, 96KHz:
My Computer / Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / Manage Audio Devices / SPDIF interface / Properties / Advanced /
The following are the display pictures in WIN7, the different systems may differ.
Ordinary USB chip display supports only up to 16bit, 48KHz and so on.

Installed, usually automatically shield the original sound (unplug the USB cable recovery), but some computers need to manually select the audio output device.
Installation is complete, the first volume will be owned appropriate, the need to be able to set up their own volume manually as needed.


  • Dimensions: Width 108mm, depth 80mm, height 26.5mm (excluding connector size)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-25KHz
  • SNR: Line Output 100dB, 90dB Headphone Output
  • Harmonic distortion:-90dB (1KHz 0dBFS)
  • Support digital stream: 16bit, 20bit, 24bit
  • Sampling rate: 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz
  • Line output signal level: about 2000mV
  • Dynamic range: 105dB
  • Line Output impedance: 600 ohms
  • Headphone output impedance :32-600 Europe
  • Headphone amplifier power: 500mW-100mW
  • Net Weight: about 150 grams



1 IIS digital output, you can connect via a special cable to the input of DAC chip IIS, thereby obtaining a better digital signal.
2 USB cable input.
3 USB connection indicator lights to indicate USB power supply is normal.
4 external power input socket, positive with negative input DC 6-9V, currents greater than 0.5A.
5 external power indicator lights to indicate external power supply is normal, while USB light goes out.
6 headphone jack, you can SPIDERS 32-600 ohm headphones.
7 right channel line output.
8 left channel line output.
9 coaxial digital output, you can pick another more upscale digital decoder.
10 optical digital output, you can pick another more upscale digital decoder.


Tell us if you want the ASIO driver for USB op chips, we will send you the driver by email.

Disable your antivirus and unplug the USB cable before install the driver, and then plug it later.

This DAC powered via USB, It dosn't need use power supply, but it can also powered by a power supply DC 6v-9v 0.5A 

Xiangsheng TE7022 driver for win

Xiangsheng TE7022 driver for windows, and disable your antivirus and unplug the USB cable before install the driver, and then plug it later.

Download (2.39M)

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