CHOSEAL Akihabara YF-2164 hifi exquis OFC copper audio speaker cable

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CHOSEAL YF-2164 high-fidelity speakers tinned OFC speaker cable core 312 +10 nerve cord

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Product Name: CHOSERL speaker cable

Model : YF-2164

Inner conductor : Tinned OFC 322 core / 0.09 x 2Cable

Jacket : PVCOD4.2 * 8.4mm

Color: colorless, transparent

Length: 5 meters 

Used in audio, speaker cable to transmit audio signals for home decoration and meeting rooms and public spaces sound engineering .

YF-2164 added to each conductor 10 nerves

Its main role restore audio fidelity sound field , so the lossless transmission of audio signals have sufficient protection. General transmission line signals of different frequencies have different impedances , this feature on the sound reduction performance of sound vague , production people do this out of the high-end speaker cables called intelligent signal line characteristics of this line the signal level of the frequency is divided into two channels , 5KHZ more signals transmitted by a special material nerves , 5KHZ outer following signals through the transmission line , which greatly improves the frequency characteristics of the transmission line , the reproduction of clear and transparent sound .

Grade fever speaker wire release your potential high-performance system

High -density multi-strand oxygen-free copper core inside a transparent plastic tensile wire , can provide unparalleled audio highest resolution, high-fidelity , so you hear more music with deeper , tighter bass , better imaging , powerful dynamic range.
External soft and flexible for the double layer of protection , effectively improve the tensile strength and shock , durable.

    conductor is 99.99% high purity OFC oxygen-free copper manufacturing, with a transmission signal attenuation , low signal loss , transfer rate and other characteristics ;
    wire sheathing and insulation layer made of imported plastic material , with wear , acid, oil , long life and other characteristics
    wire using precision meter devices to ensure accurate length
    The electrical properties of the package line through full inspection to ensure product quality and overall volume without joints .


Choseal YF Series line is Choseal upscale home improvement projects dedicated wire, is designed for high-end home improvement requirements and special design , high quality requirements , the length specification is more suitable for home , more in line with the requirements of home improvement wiring is Akihabara one of the most high-end wire . If your home is beginning renovated home project that Akihabara YF series will be the preferred wire your home wiring .