Paiyon P8581 hifi speaker wire cable banana plug wire hi-fi

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This cable is made by the most famous Chinese HIFI brand PAIYON, and it's the one of China 's best-selling hifi cable 

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audio to send the speaker has been dedicated to high xingjiabi audio equipment research and development and manufacturing , in the success and cooperation water pipe akihabara high xingjiabi speaker cable after , get the audiophiles consensus , though can already pipeline moutains satisfies the most of the entry level users , but still couldn't completely meet the more audiophiles . therefor , we technology through long time contrast listenning experiment , found a kind tenzing high xingjiabi wire , create the cabernet p8581 enthusiast speaker cable ! this kind of wire by multi strands none oxygen copper single crystal copper and copper wire spirally-wound in three root gold plated platinum nerve line on , with unique and the way the symmetrical apportioned constitutes , this structure material for audio signals very good , skin effect get well processing , two core line around the big area use the special material of fiber material , can be good up to the shock absorber and tensile role , according to the production auditee , this kind special fiber and external layer oil stains tisanes layer but catalyse balancing neutralizing capacitance distribution , sound signal transmission more pure and from disturbances . spiffed external more is the use of shock network carbon grade protection , not only beautiful and good shock absorber role , plug more is the cost of 5n adopt the none oxygen copper mca ( meet ) plug , the general in wire on is rare

sound :

high frequency very good ductility , shiny sense , IF coutrol of the thick moderate , low frequency clean powerful , overall to give people transparent , , harmoniousness natural , density full , uneasyness none train phenomenon !

wire length : 2.5 m x 2

wire structure : 3 nerves wire x 2 .   

                         160 Oxygen-free copper wire x 2 .

                          8 Single-crystal copper wire x 2

connector  : 24k gold plated banana plugin

Pointer direction is to speaker

By on 19 Dec. 2017 (Paiyon P8581 hifi speaker wire cable banana plug wire hi-fi) :

Stunning speaker cables....!

First of all,i want to thank all of Hifi Exquis stuff for their great job:very professionals for sure.
Talking about this great cable it's so easy because it has a excellent quality for the price:no doubt about it!
If there's anybody looking for great cables to buy without spending to much money,just take a look at these wonderfull cables:it's very hard to find something better in this market.Clear and smooth sound reproduction;fantastic low,mid and high frequency.Fully satisfied.
So,i give my 5 stars with happyness.
Great hifi products:China makes and produce a very,very good hifi. with a nice quality at affordable price.
Gianluca Vessio-Italy

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