SMSL VMV V2 USB HD Audio DAC HIFI EXQUIS 32bit / 384 KHZ Sound Card Headphone Amplifier

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V2 is a USB/Coaxial/Optical Dac, it's also a high level headphone amplifier

Compatible with 32-600ohm headphone,

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The SMSL V2 is in order to upgrade your system designed for audiophiles. V2 adopted HIFI level USB CM6631A receiving chip and ES9023 decoding chip, superior performance and compatible hd format audio playback. Support LINE OUT,  rich input interface can meet the demand of your system.

Solid aluminum alloy chassis is the whole piece of solid aluminium block using high precision automatic machine tools (CNC). 1101017, Processing is complex and meticulous, the cost is extremely high.The MAC laptop is made using this process. Solid aluminum alloy chassis is currently the most commonly used to reduce electrical electromagnetic interference design, generally used in high precision industrial equipment, such as huawei communications terminal equipment.


  • Specification indexes: THD + N: < 0.003%
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: > 105 db
  • Dynamic range: > 108 db
  • Channel separating degree: > 105 db
  • LINE OUT level: 2 Vrms
  • Output power amp:
       32Ω  500mW@THD=0.01%
       64Ω  500mW@THD=0.006%
       150Ω  123mW@THD=0.003%
       300Ω  133mW@THD=0.003%
  • USB support: Windows and Mac OS x, iOS (need purchase connector), Android4.0 above (most models).
  • Machine power consumption: < 3 w
  • Power supply voltage: DC9V500mA
  • Machine volume: 9.2 cm LX 12.0 cm wide X 2.3 cm high
  • Packing size: 22 cm X 16 cm wide X 4.4 cm high
  • Weight: 0.55 KG

HIFI EXQUIS 1101017 and SMSL recommend a software: Windows + foobar2000, Mac OS + Pure Music player, mobile phone tablet please use the original machine.

V2 high quality all-in-one, HD USB audio decoder using USB asynchronous transmission technology, the highest support to 32 bit / 384 KHZ, is currently the highest standards of PCM, common audio files are between 44.1-192 kHZ, V2 fully compatible.

V2 high quality all-in-one, high-definition optical output interface, sampling rate is highest support to 24 bit / 192 KHZ, common audio files are between 44.1-192 KHZ, V2 is fully compatible.Some users might ask why do decoder digital output? When V2 alpha test users’ evaluation of voice and value of 500USD, it is not enough for the old audiophiles. V2 optical output can solve the problem that part of the old audiophiles’ decoders do not have the USB input.

V2 high quality machine with a built-in high quality headphone amplifier, adaptive impedance: 32-600Ω. Part can be set up four types of amp gain , the user can according to your own headphones different settings and listening hobby to themselves. Specific Settings, please read the instruction manual.

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