Himing Top selling Rivals EL34 tube amplifier HIFI EXQUIS wood version single-ended Class A handmade Scaffolding amp RH34W

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New product


Standard with tube option is the version without bluetooth but with all tubes

Standard without tube option is the version without bluetooth,  without any tube(no tube)

Bluetooth with tube option is with bleutooth function and with all tubes

Bluetooth without tube option is with bleutooth function and it's without any tube(no tube)

More details




  • With all tubes
  • Without tubes
  • Standard version
  • With Bluetooth version

The new latest version is upgrade to use russian 5u4c rectifier(better than chinese 5Z3P):

Bleutooth version back view:

Bleutooth version front view:


Basic technical parameters:

  • Tubes:  Rectifier :1 x  upgrade to use 5U4C(Same than 5Z3P, 5U4G, 5U4),  
  •              Pre-Amp tube: 2 x 6H9C or 6N9P ( Equivalant 6SL7 )
  •              Power tube: 2 x PSVANE HIFI serie EL34-B 
  • Output power:  8W x 2 (ultra-linear connection default)
  • Frequency response: 15Hz-25KHz
  • Output Impedance: 4 - 8 ohms(HIFI EXQUIS co, limited)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤ 1% (1kHz)
  • Input Impedance: 100Kohm
  • Input Sensitivity: 1V(HIFI EXQUIS co, limited)
  • SNR: 88dB
  • Supply transformer Power: 150W
  • Output transformer 0.35 Japan Z11(66*40) HIFI quality Handmade
  • Gold Teak Wood     (HIFI EXQUIS co, limited)
  • Size (W × D × H): 360mm × 220mm × 55mm (maximum height :165mm)
  • Net weight: 10 k(HIFI EXQUIS co, limited)
  • Input voltage: 110v - 240V / 50-60hz,


  • 6n9p(6H9C, 6SL7) preamp tube is well known tube, it has very low noise, give you much possibility to upgrade preamp tube.(HIFI EXQUIS co, limited)
  • The overall appearance of RIVALS's EL34 tube amp is simplely beautiful and noble.
  • Stainless steel and pure real wood perfect combination.
  • chassis shell with 1 mm wire drawing of stainless steel, both strength and appearance are first-class.(HIFI EXQUIS co, limited)
  • This tube amp is one the most popular tube amps created by "Veteran",  it has been sold more than few thousand copies!  it is alread a very mature amp. it's used for 100w around HIFI Speakers to all music type and special for vocal chords music.(HIFI EXQUIS co, limited)




Some below photo show the "Rivlas" brand name on the front panel, but the new latest version has not brand name printed on the center wood:




Note: pay attention to the installation of tubes :




Cover is not include, if you want to purchase tubes protection cover(packing separately), click next photo:

HIFI EXQUIS enchanced the packing, and HIFI EXQUIS now use double packing:


Feedbakc by our customer for this amplifier:

HIFI EXQUIS offer you one of US/UK/AU/EU standard power cable who will be matched with your country  

English user manual is available by next link:


By (Toulouse, South Africa) on 28 March 2017 (Himing Top selling Rivals EL34 tube amplifier HIFI EXQUIS wood version single-ended Class A handmade Scaffolding amp RH34W) :

Great sounding small amp. Good value.

Great sounding small amp. Good value.

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RHEL34W Amp User Manual v1.2.1

Himing Rivla EL34 wood version User Manual v1.2.1

Download (640.25k)

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