Reisong Boyuu A10 EL34 Bube Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS Single-Ended Class A Lamp Amp BYA10H

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New product


PCB version is a standard version , with 2x output transformers size 66x36

Handmade version is a Luxury version , with 2x output transformer size 76x40, inside components are soldering by hand, easily to upgrade

Handmade without tube version is same than Handmade version, but without power tube el34 and rectifier 5z4p, but the preamp tube 6n2 is include. 

More details




  • With all tubes
  • Without tubes
  • Scaffolding architecture version
  • PCB circuit version

"Boyuu" just changed their brand name to "Reisong",  so maybe we have some amplifier come with "Reisong" brand name , and others come with "Boyuu" or "Tube" words on the front plate, please pay attention,  if you want some pecial plate, please contact us for more detail information


Basic technical parameters:

  • Voltage tubes : 6N2 × 2.   (Hifi exquis 1101017)  
  • Power tubes : SHUGUANG EL34-B × 2.
  • Rectifier tube: 5Z4P ×1 (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • Output Power: 12W * 2 (ultra-linear connection)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 28KHz (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • Output Impedance: 4ohms - 8ohms
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤ 1% (1kHz)
  • Input Sensitivity: 750MV (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • Input impedance: 100KΩ (two input signals
  • Dimensions (W × D × H): 310 × 268 × 165mm
  • SNR: 88dB (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • inpute voltage: 110-240v 50/60hz


Product technology and features:

  • Power Transformer: (HIFI EXQUIS) (Hifi exquis 1101017)
    A. Use 0.35, 96-60 large power core manufacturing, design power of 200W to ensure adequate power and low temperature rise.(HIFI EXQUIS)
    B. Use high-quality oxygen-free copper enameled wire enameled layered tightly wound, with extremely low no-load current characteristic, quiet operation, no vibration, no hum.
  • Output Transformers:(HIFI EXQUIS) (Hifi exquis 1101017)
    A. Use potting output transformer with 0.35 thick high-flux silicon steel to ensure stability and reliability, especially in damp places, have a more reliable performance
    B. Output transformer, is high-purity copper wire enameled wire package, and layered segmented string and connection method, three clips two wound;
    C. Divided into sub-fine tightly wound, with Japan's ultra-thin electrically insulating paper of pure wood (thickness of only 0.06MM, withstand voltage 2000V). Using the classical input series, parallel output characteristics, to make up for high output transformer inductance, low leakage characteristics. (Hifi exquis 1101017)
    D. Housing of output transformer with high-grade stretch cover, surface temperature paint handling, and bright fringes processes. 
    (Hifi exquis 1101017)

  • Chassis: Imported mirror stainless steel chassis.
  • Capacitance:(HIFI EXQUIS)
    A. Use imported HIFI capacitor filter capacitor (Netherlands's Philip, Japan's ELNA, Japan's Ruby, etc.).(HIFI EXQUIS) (Hifi exquis 1101017)
    B. Coupling capacitances adopt Netherlands, Philip HIFI-class audio-specific capacitors; sound transparent is elegant, passionate.
  • Corners aluminum column: high-grade aluminum CNC machining, diamond knife speed car system. (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • ALPS’s volume potentiometer, Philip’s audio capacitor for Coupling and Power filter, Panasonics audio capacitor for Cathode compensation, Taiwan’s Military-grade  5 ring resistances
  • Amplifier circuit:(HIFI EXQUIS) (Hifi exquis 1101017)
    A. adopt Japanese SUN classic lines improvement, every channel uses 2pes three common cathode tube parallel amplification with high output voltage.
    B. has characteristics of driving current, full sound fast, transparent treble and smooth.
    C. Adopt high-voltage full-wave rectifier tube dual with 315V +315 V, import core power inductors,  r-type power supply filtering, import Philip / ruby supply filtering 
    (Hifi exquis 1101017)
    D. Pure hand-scaffolding with Star Architecture(BOYUU’s special architecture)







Manual welding scaffolding handmade version:

  • Using more powerful output transformer: 0.35 thick high-flux silicon steel (76-40), with these output transformer the amp is more powerful (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • Manual welding scaffolding,  esay to DIY or change electronic component






The PCB version use PCB bord inside of amplifier:


BOYUU is specially for HIFI Transformers export to Japan and others countries, and one of leader market chinese brand of transformer  , then it’s why the BOYUU’s amplifier transformers are better than others and its tube amps can give a better sound.(Hifi exquis 1101017)




The tube cover is not include,  you can purchase it by cliking next photo:


Double packing:

By on 24 Apr. 2018 (Reisong Boyuu A10 EL34 Bube Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS Single-Ended Class A Lamp Amp BYA10H) :

The best entry level valve amp around

Almost a year on from purchasing the a10 , I have replaced a few internal components with better items , out of the box this amp is truly great , it makes you want to play more music , feed it with the very best source and use the highest sensitivity speakers you can find and you will be rewarded with huge dynamic sound that is better than any solid state mass produced amp of similar price . If You really want to take it to another level , start by replacing the orange 0.22uf 400v interstate coupling caps with Russian paper in oil caps , also the 220uf 63v cathode resistor bypass capacitor with a good Elko rough foil bipolar caps , then add 1uf 630v polypropylene bypass caps to all 3 of the power supply caps, finally replace the 6n2j tubes with Voskhod 6n2p-eb black rocket logo tubes . I use psvane 6ca7 T-II power tubes in mine . It easily betters all sub £1000 amps I have heard to date ! It's that good . ALL MODIFICATIONS VOID WARRANTY.

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By (Saviese, Switzerland) on 20 Apr. 2018 (Reisong Boyuu A10 EL34 Bube Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS Single-Ended Class A Lamp Amp BYA10H) :

A10 Handmade version

Cet ampli après rodage a une excellente sonorité. Cependant, sa puissance limitée nécessite des enceintes a haut rendement ou d'opter pour de la bi-amplification.

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By (Toulouse, South Africa) on 28 March 2017 (Reisong Boyuu A10 EL34 Bube Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS Single-Ended Class A Lamp Amp BYA10H) :

A10 good sound quality

Усилитель сделан очень хорошо, полностью соответствует описанию продавца, доставлено быстро и качественно. Продавцу большое спасибо!!!

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