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Laochen EL34 Mini Tesktop Tube Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS Aiqin Single-ended Class A amplifier Black Version OC34BM Oldchen

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New product





  • With all tubes
  • Without tubes
  • With Bluetooth

Standard version option is the standard version with all tube , but without bluetootch function

Bluetooth vesion option is the version with bluetootch function and with all tubes

ST Ver without tube option is the standard version without bluetootch,  without tube(you need plug your tube to work with it)


The manufacturer "LaoChen" has three brand names: "Oldchen," "LaoChen," and "Aiqin." Therefore, for this product, some amplifiers may come with the "Oldchen" label on the front plate, while others may have "LaoChen." Please be mindful of this variation when considering or purchasing the product.

Basic technical parameters:

  • Rectifier :  1x 5u4c (5z4p,5z3p,5u4g,5r4g)

  • Preamp tubes : 1x 6H8c (6n8p, 6sn7)

  • Power tubes : 2xPSVANE HIFI Serie EL34-B ,Red or Blackseat (depens production periode)

  • Rated output power:7wx 2(Ultra-linear connection)

  • Frequency response : 20Hz - 25KHz.(HIFI EXQUIS 1101017)

  • Total power consumption: 90W

  • Power transformer: 140W.(HIFI EXQUIS 1101017)

  • Output transformer:  Z11 0.35mm iron steel plate (22x45/50),

  • Total Harmonic Distortion : 1% (1kHz)

  • Input Sensitivity : 500mV - 2000mV

  • Input impedance : 100KOmega

  • Output Impedance : 4 - 8 ohms, work with 10-80w 88db(>=) speakers

  • SNR : 88dB

  • Dimensions (W x H x D ): 270 x 160 x 230mm

  • Weight net: 8KG.(HIFI EXQUIS 1101017)

  • Packing weight: about 9Kg

  • Input voltage:110v-120v or220v-240v , 50-60hz

  • HIFI-EXQUIS made a special English version user manual for this device, please ask us the download link once after you made an order.

Product technology and materials

  • PSVANE HIFI Serie EL34-B black seat.(HIFI EXQUIS 1101017)

  • Taiwan LiYang's potentiometer, nice quality is like ALPS

  • Use better famous capacitors

  • All high-precision metal film resistors rings.(HIFI EXQUIS 1101017)

  • Handmade transformers.(HIFI EXQUIS 1101017)

  • Optimized routing and Extremely low noise

  • Gold plate connection for all connections

  • PCB inside architecture

This amplifier is crafted by the renowned Chinese brand "Laochen," standing as China's best-selling hifi tube amplifier. Since 2006, it has surpassed 10,000 units in sales. The EL34 series from Laochen is exceptionally popular, with over 10 million units sold. It has become the go-to choice for 100w HIFI speakers across various music genres, particularly excelling with vocal chord music (HIFI EXQUIS 1101017).

With over a decade of development and marketing, this amplifier is highly matured and has received numerous suggestions for improvement from hifi enthusiasts. Many buyers have praised its performance and reliability..

Real sense of hearing:

  • Bass is surging strong..(HIFI EXQUIS 1101017)

  • Middle frequency is soft and mellow voice.(HIFI EXQUIS 1101017)

  • High frequency is crisp and clear.(HIFI EXQUIS 1101017)

  • Even used to listen to the POP or dance music can be shocking endless,

  • Bounce efforts andclear resolution makes the sound never tired.

  • Thousands of people are full of praise for this amplifier in manufacturer's site.



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If you want use you HIFI leve headphone with this amplifier, you could purchase a Laochen special tube headphone adapter: HTB1XBKEGpXXXXXOXVXXq6xXFXXXw.jpg ​ ​