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Oldchen EL34 Tube Single-Ended Amp HIFI EXQUIS Class A Point to Point Bluetooth 5 OC34 LaoChen Black Lamp Amplifier

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Customer ratings and reviews

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Oldchen is a more important low-cost brand in the tube amplifier world, but with a good relationship with PSVANE, they can equip all of PSVANE's latest optimal tubes, such as on this amplifier where all tubes are newly made by PSVANE, providing exceptional values and good enough quality to begin with a warm tube sound.

More details




  • With Bluetooth
  • Without Bluetooth

ST With Bluetooth : refers to the standard larger black amplifier that comes equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 module. This feature allows you to connect your Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as a phone, to the amplifier. All tubes are included, and the Bluetooth antenna is installed on the right side of the amplifier.


ST NO Bluetooth  : option is standard bigger black amplifier comes without bluetooth module:


​ ​

Brand Introduction:

Oldchen, a prominent high cost performance brand in the tube amplifier industry, collaborates with PSVANE to equip their amplifiers with the latest optimal tubes. In this specific model, all tubes are newly made by PSVANE, delivering exceptional value and a warm tube sound.

Having undergone over 15 years of development and marketing, the amplifier has reached a high level of maturity. It has received extensive feedback from hi-fi enthusiasts, leading to continuous improvements. The manufacturer, Oldchen, sometimes labels the amplifier as "LaoChen." This amplifier has garnered praise from numerous buyers for its quality and performance.


Oldchen is a prominent and high cost performance brand in the tube amplifier world, boasting a strong association with PSVANE. They can equip their amplifiers with the latest optimal tubes from PSVANE, providing exceptional value and sufficient quality for a warm tube sound. All tubes in this amplifier are newly manufactured by PSVANE, further enhancing the overall quality and value of the product.

Technical parameters:

  • Rectifier :  new PSVANE 5U4G  ( Replace by 5Z3p, 5R4G, Gz34, 274B )

  • Preamp tubes : 1 or 2 x new PSVANE 6SN7 GT triode (Replace by 6H8c, 6N8P, cv181 )

  • Power tubes : new PSVANE EL34C x 2, (or EL34, Red or white print word depens production periode)

  • Power tube connection mode: Ultra-linear 10Wx2 (default mode by manufacturer)

  • Frequency response : 20Hz - 25KHz(HIFI EXQUIS 1101017)

  • Total power consumption: 115W

  • Power transformer: 160w, (96x50 irron plate size)

  • Output transformers: 15w x 2, Z11 0.35mm(66x45),

  • Total Harmonic Distortion : 1% (1kHz)(HIFI EXQUIS 1101017)

  • Input Sensitivity : 500mV - 2000mV

  • Input impedance : 100KΩ

  • Output Impedance : 4 - 8ohm, with about 10-100w 88db(>=) speakers

  • SNR : 88dB(HIFI EXQUIS 1101017)

  • Dimensions (W x H x D ): 380 x 160 x 230mm

  • Net Weight: about 9kg(HIFI EXQUIS 1101017)

  • Input voltage:110-120v, 220-240v 50/60hz for worldwide(we send right version for you)

  • we(HIFI EXQUIS) offer US, EU or AU standard power cable

To get more detail information for mini version thank you to click here MINI Black Version

  • HIFI EXQUIS is CE certified, ensuring compliance with global electronic device use requirements

  • (Option)Bluetooth 5.0 module with APTX HD(with bluetooth option, available for BT connection, and also to use RCA signal input without switch)

  • ALPS's 17 type potentiometer,  CLC filter inductor

  • High-quality capacitors and resistors

  • High-precision 5 ring resistors

  • Handmade power and output transformers

  • UK style point to point desgin, easy to upgrade components, Optimized routing and noise less

  • Gold plated connectors

  • All tubes are either NOS (New Old Stock) or new tubes

  • The power tubes are EL34C or EL34 (Red or white print, depending on the production period).

  • AIQIN is a well-known tube amplifier brand in China, and the EL34 series amp has already sold over 30 million copies.

  • It is suitable for use with 10-100W high-sensitivity speakers, catering to all music types, and particularly well-suited for vocal chord music.

  • The development and marketing of this amplifier span over 15 years, making it a mature product that has received numerous suggestions for improvement from hi-fi buyers. Many buyers have praised it.

  • Occasionally, the manufacturer may also print "LaoChen" on the amplifier

HIFI-EXQUIS has created a dedicated English version user manual for this device. Please inquire about the download link after placing your order.

Real sense of hearing:

  • Strong, surging bass.

  • Soft and mellow mid-frequency

  • Crisp and clear high-frequency

  • Suitable for all music types, especially vocal chords

  • Developed and marketed for over 15 years, mature and well-received

  • Thousands of users praise the amplifier for its enduring sound quality, making it suitable for various music genres, including POP and dance music.




This tube protection cover is not included by default in the package, thank you to see accessoires part to purchase it:


Praises from customers:Uc02cdd44050144bb89f2df102a99ef1b2.jpg ​ ​


By on 11 Aug. 2018 (Oldchen EL34 Tube Single-Ended Amp HIFI EXQUIS Class A Point to Point Bluetooth 5 OC34 LaoChen Black Lamp Amplifier) :

Good value

If you have reasonable expectations going in you will likely be satisfied with the sound and build quality of this amp. Very musical and engaging.

By on 18 Apr. 2018 (Oldchen EL34 Tube Single-Ended Amp HIFI EXQUIS Class A Point to Point Bluetooth 5 OC34 LaoChen Black Lamp Amplifier) :

Well Built

I ordered the "Luxury" version of this amp with the upgraded capacitors etc.
Although it took quite a while to get shipped from China to California, It all arrived very well boxed and in good shape
i examined the interior of the unit and found the wiring and solder work to be well done
The unit is pretty heavy with the transformer iron being the largest contributor
input and output connectors all good quality
The manual recommended 120 hours of listening time to help the transformers settle in (and likely help the tubes burn in as well)
After that amount of time I can say that this amp has a pleasant smooth quality to it
It is pretty good for the money - but falling short of the tone quality I was hoping to find in the SET experience
My speakers are high efficiency - 97db Zu Bookshelf speakers - 10" FRD with above 12k support added with a horn tweeter
i am rolling the driver and amplification tubes (the two outside tubes on each side of the rectifier tube)
extensive reading and searching to find well respected replacements to see if I can get more clarity
Psvane 6CA7-T to replace the EL34 and Shuguang 6SL7-T to replace the 6SL7 driver tubes - an expensive upgrade
The clarity and tone did improve - but I still have a hundred hours of recommended burn in on the new tubes before I can give full results
For the money, this is a nicely built amp with a nice clean sound - no floor noise at all - very smooth
So I have given four stars - perhaps for the price it should be 4.5 as it is a pretty good value

By on 19 March 2018 (Oldchen EL34 Tube Single-Ended Amp HIFI EXQUIS Class A Point to Point Bluetooth 5 OC34 LaoChen Black Lamp Amplifier) :

Great Amplifier

The is a very good amplifier. It's my first and I think I made a good choice. The transaction was pleasant and shipping fast. I think I will be a repeat customer.

By on 19 March 2018 (Oldchen EL34 Tube Single-Ended Amp HIFI EXQUIS Class A Point to Point Bluetooth 5 OC34 LaoChen Black Lamp Amplifier) :

Great little amp!

Ordered the deluxe version, it was shipped quickly (to Canada) Works as advertised. Sounds really sweet and is a great value at this price point. You should mate this with a pair of higher efficiency speakers for best results. Wished I'd ordered it with the bluetooth option as it only has one analog audio input, Hope that helps.

By on 13 Oct. 2017 (Oldchen EL34 Tube Single-Ended Amp HIFI EXQUIS Class A Point to Point Bluetooth 5 OC34 LaoChen Black Lamp Amplifier) :

Molto Buono.

Spedizione puntuale, imballaggio perfetto e materiale integro. Un prodotto semplice bello e funzionale . Il suono delle EL 34 è fantastico nitido su tutte le frequenze e mai stancante. Lo consiglio.

By on 03 Oct. 2017 (Oldchen EL34 Tube Single-Ended Amp HIFI EXQUIS Class A Point to Point Bluetooth 5 OC34 LaoChen Black Lamp Amplifier) :

Old Chen is part of the family

What can I say? This EL34 Deluxe is simply perfect, delivering a full tone purity at such a low cost. The OldChen is driving my Canton Chrons SL with a 87.5 spl at ease. At such a low price, there is absolutely no risks, only great surprises. PeG, Quebec, Canada.

By on 28 March 2017 (Oldchen EL34 Tube Single-Ended Amp HIFI EXQUIS Class A Point to Point Bluetooth 5 OC34 LaoChen Black Lamp Amplifier) :

Best effective tube amp

Всё дошло в нормальном состоянии, кроме того, что левое крепление левого трансформатора было откручено. Шайба с гайкой болтались внутри корпуса. Спасибо. Этот товар я приобрел с расширением AliBonus и сэкономил уже 13.56 $. Расширение AliBonus помогает экономить до 10% от стоимости покупки на AliExpress. Воспользуетесь моей ссылкой

Laochen EL34 Amp User Manual

Laochen EL34 Tube Amp User Manual English Version

Download (444.79k)

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