PSVANE TC1 EL34 Push-Pull tube amplifier HIFI EXQUIS lamp amp TC1-EL34

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  • HIFI Serie EL34 tube
  • PHEL34 Tube version

PHEL34 Version use PSVANE xtreme replica version 1:1 full engraved PHILIPS 50‘s metal based EL34 tube: 

Philips metal based EL34 it's the best EL34 tube in the history,  PSVANE use all the same technology to work process to reproduce this history el34 tube,  and the sound quality is same and almost better than the original tube. so this version is the best EL34 push-pull tube amplifier of PSVANE
HIFI EL34B Version use PSVANE HIFI serie el34-B tube, it's a PSVANE standard el34 beam power tetrode tube:
PSVANE TC1 (EL34PH engraved version) Specifications:
  • Output Power: 35w x2 (RMS 8 ohms)
  • Power consumption: 200W
  • Frequency response: 15Hz-36KHz 
  • Harmonic distortion: ≤1.2% (1KHz)
  • Input Sensitivity: 290mV
  • Input impedance: 100K
  • Output Impedance: 4 ohms 8 ohms
  • Headphone Output Impedance: 32 ohm -300 ohm
  • SNR: 89dB
  • Power supply voltage: AC 115 - 235V 50 / 60Hz ± 10%
  • Size: 340 (W) × 181 (H) × 255 (D) mm
  • Net weight: 18kg
  • Package weight 20kg:
PSVANE TC1 (EL34PH engraved version) use vacuum tubes:
  • Power tube: PSVANE Xtreme serie EL34PH × 4  or HIFI seire EL34-B × 4
  • Preamp tube: PSVANE specialy cutomise 12AU7 × 2, 12AX7 × 1
  • Absolutely biggest brand products, quality, technology and after-sale are guaranteed;
  • Power up to 35w or more, enough to push almost all home's or market's HIFI speakers, speakers do not have to worry;
  • Sound effects reach the level of  Several thousand dollar in the tube amplifier market;
  • With full performance, whether vocal/strings/symphonic or jazz, all is compatible, swordsmen;
  • Full manual welding scaffolding, ensure quality, it's not with a large PCB from a simple automatic production line, real HIFI brand quality work;
  • Ok with your HiFi level's headphone, it well give a best effect
  • Preferably have a remote control, remote control had to be pure metal, it's not use plastic;






Complete analytical TC1

- Tube Amplifier's Soul: Transformers

    As tubes and tube amp industry practitioners for many years, we recognize that, tube amp soul necessarily transformer. As early as the flagship T845 has just launched, many of my friends have this question that can make a good sound noble tube, but do not necessarily come to a good transformer, but the T845 proved sound Noble does have the ability to do of China's most comprehensive and most musical tube amp, simply it is that the transformer. The TC1, for transformer choice of materials, production, technology is very particular about: we continue to choose audio expensive silicon steel imported from Europe, Taiwan joint venture factory audio dedicated wire; with almost the same with the flagship unique STAGED around the law; and strict application of the encapsulation process; accurate detection output matched all cattle, not good enough to warehouse transformers would rather not have installed will not be perfunctory. And it turns out, the power output transformer and power transformer, the sound performance TC1 used is very good: the sound style typical of European Humanities, sentimental, but not artificial; lines clear and precise, but not flow in the stereotype, the musicality and sound quality last achieved the desired balance.


- Core of Tube Amplifier: Voccum Tubes

    TC1 excellent performance, largely relying on sound noble tubes. As the real core tube amp, tube sound pros and cons, the quality is good or bad determines the success of this little tube amp. As the world leader in audio tube sound tube Noble has been applied to high-class tube amp and even flagship models. Meanwhile, in addition to sound noble, any other size brands Danji used tubes, are purchased, whether the electrical properties of the tube itself, pairing bias on the tube and the sound performance characteristics and frequency response distribution transformer design and other aspects of synchronization , are likely to occur discounts. These aspects, as it happens all the advantages of noble sound tube amps. Its comparison of competing products, we actually have the final say in this session, but due to other reasons, we can only put more thinking space left to the user.


- Absolute fever materials
    TC1 with a lot of imported components, large custom from Europe advanced audio-specific coupling capacitors, electrolytic, small to key parts of the single-crystal copper, 6N copper wire connection, not something comparable retail uneven. 


- The perfect design inside and outside
    TC1 is rare in China danji industry works with excellent design sense, whether it is aluminum front panel "China Eight Diagrams" shape and meaning, or the whole texture, tone conveyed by the elegant taste and restrained style, they are out of general bravery machine without content, homogenization of style, with distinctive facial features family. Gossip is the basic concept of ancient Chinese philosophy, Promise of Health has a very, a very a Tai Chi two appearances, two appearances of Health four images, four images and speech gossip - gossip is also proud of the profound Chinese civilization lies, gossip conveyed harmony, coexistence, integration, nature and music demands resonates wonderful symbiosis; the sound itself is a culture, China's sound many times only to be used as cheap industrial products, ignoring their own culture and heritage. In addition, the nobility of sound "sense and form, reaching God," the concept has been passed again on TC1: TC1 The circuit, after decades of stormy temper again after repeated optimization, and eventually with the transformer and tubes school sound stereotypes, in key aspects of school sound, the sound of the Japan Overseas Cooperation nobility team once again played an important role, in fact, is often said that good music sound aristocratic sense, largely from this paid off; in order to do may be concerned about the user experience, we do not excessive pursuit of power the size of data, but chose a better musical sense, easier to use bias adjustment method, relying on the nobility of the tube sound quality assurance will be used for a long the operating point of the period to maintain accurate user when the sound of the future to replace the high level of nobility tubes will be very convenient.


- Other (complete detection means, a complete package, enthusiastic standardized service)

   Brand manufacturers as a basic requirement tube amp, TC1 has full and complete testing means foolproof packaging, tubes and machines both separation and detection of the end of Taiwan, or the whole static testing, dynamic aging, anti-throwing machine compression testing, We do our best to give the greatest all-round protection TC1; at the same time, aristocratic voice service has a good reputation in the industry, in the TC1 also complete transmission: fast, comprehensive, intimate.





PSVANE Extrem serie replica PHEL34 tube:

TC1 english user manual link:

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PSVANE TC1 EL34 Push-Pull tube amplifier HIFI EXQUIS lamp amp TC1-EL34

PSVANE TC1 EL34 Push-Pull tube amplifier HIFI EXQUIS lamp amp TC1-EL34