Weiliang Breeze Audio Box Music A2 power amplifier HIFI EXQUIS limitation HDAM amp BOXMA2

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WeiLiang Breeze Audio




This HIFI Amplifier is reuse famouse Classic Marantz HDAM architecture, Input level uses MOSFET chip who has the tube sound flavor, rounded, loose, delicate and charming, full of air. Output stage with gold sealed MJE15024 MJE15025, sound very expensive gas, gorgeous, dynamic and low-frequency full
Technical parameters:
  • Output power :80W+80w(8ohm)
  • Harmonic distortion:≤0.005% 20w/1khz
  • Load impedance:2-16ohm (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • SNR:105DB (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • Input impedance/sensitivity: 47Kohms/220MV
  • Input mode:RCA
  • Power input:AC110-240v/50-60HZ (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • Net weight:about 6KG
  • Gross weight:8kg (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • Dimensions: 211x300x80mm



Two full all-aluminum knob, the left is the audio input selector knob, the right is the volume control knob 



The famous new ON Semiconductor   MJ15024 10525 

With 250W maximum power consumption 16A high current output3-33-4

Japan ELNA-AUDIO  special capacitors make the sound sweet and nature. (Hifi exquis 1101017)


Omron relay protection circuit, the power amplifier and speakers are always working in a safe condition:


3-way non-destructive relay signal switching circuit, you can also deal with multiple audio input.



Gold plated connectors:


250W maximum power transformer



 Heatsink outside 

Speaker selection: This machine can be used with more than 86db sensitivity, impedance 4 -16 ohm power in the 20 - 150w speaker. Use better speakers can come out good results, if the speaker is not good No way. Sound is the whole system, not a good link can be, so the proposed purchase before consulting.