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PSVANE 845SEC Vacuum Tube HIFI EXQUIS 845-SEC Special Customize Version Smoke Glass Gold Pin Equivalent 845

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The tubes come with small standard box for each tube ,  the gift box on next photo is just for photo presentation use , thank you for your understanding



PSVANE in the global audio vacuum tube market, the main reason for the affirmation is to have a unique sense of music and rich musical expression. Even in the cost-effective product line, PSVANE do not give up the pursuit of sound quality. In the 845-SEC vacuum tube also precipitated PSVANE artisan spirit. Compared with the same price competing products, 845-SEC has a leapfrog technology and valuable musical sense, and compared to similar technology and manufacturing technology competing products, 845-SEC has a more affinity with the price. Throughout, "For Music" are PSVANE's core product philosophy. Both transparent and warm sound performance. PSVANE Each one of our products we will be on the school's acoustic style assiduously, while maintaining the sound of the gall under the premise of fine-tuning. Based on the PSVANE Conventional Hook Hook 300B model, the 845-SEC vacuum tube further improves the filament material and increases the degree of vacuum, making the sound more transparent and fluid. At the same time, we hand-polish and spray the polymer composite carbon coating on the screen. This original technology has been applied to the United States Western Electric and a large number of British classic vacuum tubes. In the new era, we improved and repeated the spray formulation Experiments, to maintain warm and pleasant tone of the characteristics of the same time will no longer affect the definition of IF and both ends of the extension. What you hear will be very textural, transparent and warm.




Resonance optimization design


Harmful resonance has long been a natural enemy of high-fidelity audio systems. PSVANE R & D team synthetically optimizes the resonance performance from structural support, damping coefficient of different metal parts, welding position, material and volume of glass bulb, and tries their best to maintain the detail and soft performance in every detail. The 845-SEC vacuum tube has all-encompassing rich sound detail throughout the band, making it even more memorable when listening to large-scale symphony type subjects with its vast sound field and live atmosphere.


More emphasis on high-current design


The current is the sound system's bloodline. 845-SEC vacuum tube in the beginning of the design of this more attention, with the main material electrical properties of the improvement and optimization, in addition to retain the wonderful sound, at the same time have a full, permeable, loose and without losing the sound characteristics of the sound, In the same price vacuum tube, but also in the voice control and other aspects of impressive.






HIFI EXQUIS will use give a security package to send the tube, We guarantee the tube will devliered to you with good condition,

But thank you always to check the tube state face with courier during delivery process.



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HiFi EXQUiS use secure package to send the tube, We guarantee the tube will devliered to you with good condition.

But thank you always to check the tube state face with courier during delivery process.

PSVANE tube have 1 year guarantee