Xiangsheng XS738A Preamplifier With Remote HIFI EXQUI Shigh-fidelity Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier

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With Cover option the preamplifier come with tube cover grill

Bluetooth option the preamplifier come with bluetooth option


Features:(HIFI EXQUIS)

  • It adopts double bile rectification, double bile voltage stabilization, double inductor filter, 4 large pond capacitor filter, large oil-immersed capacitor high-frequency decoupling, imported resistors and military Dahongpao resistors, German WIMA and Siemens mille-feuille or German ERO, etc. capacitive coupling. Japanese ALPS original motor volume potentiometer. The panel is made of aluminum alloy wire drawing process.

    ●Both the chassis and the bull cover are made of 1mm thin steel plate, which has good shielding effect and is sprayed with high-grade wrinkle paint.

    ●The power supply adopts a large ring cow, imported iron core, and oxygen-free copper wire winding, and the power supply is abundant.

    ●The power cow and the two inductors are all potted with expensive epoxy resin, which can play the roles of fixing, moisture-proof, insulation, and heat conduction.

    ●The 4 inputs are switched by imported silver contact relays, with longer life and lower contact resistance.

    ●The input and output interface adopts gold-plated lotus seat.

    ●The signal line inside the machine adopts imported Teflon silver-plated shielded wire, which has good sound quality and good shielding. Line tube: 6N9P (6H9C)*2, 6N8P (6H8C)*2, 6Z5P*2, WY-2P*2

    The standard configuration is Shuguang or Nanjing tube, and the metal seat and black bakelite seat are configured according to the stock. Remote control can realize: volume, channel switching, mute function volume adopts Japanese ALPS original motor potentiometer.

    ●There is an independent headphone monitor amplifier output, using the famous American Maxim company chip MAX4410 output.

    ●Volume knob adopts expensive aluminum alloy solid core knob.

    ●The panel is designed with an equal loudness switch, press it to increase the high and low frequencies at low volume, and compensate for the sharp sag at both ends of the human hearing curve at low volume.

    ●The machine has a memory function, which can memorize the channel state when it was turned off last time.

    ●Turn on the machine, the motor potentiometer will automatically rotate to the left and return to the position, and automatically unscrew a small angle to prevent damage to the equipment due to excessive volume.

    ●Turn on, the channel status window flashes, reminding that it is warming up, when the warming up is completed, it will turn to steady light, and display the current channel.

    ●Press the mute button on the remote control, the channel status will flash, press it again to resume, or press the volume plus and minus buttons to resume playback.

    ●Bluetooth is optional, using Qualcomm CSR8675 receiving module, PCM5102A decoding.


  • Input Impedance:100KΩ

  • Output Impedance:600Ω

  • Total Hamonic Distortion: ≤0.01%

  • Frequeney responses: 20Hz-30KHz士1dB

  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB

  • Input Jacks: 4

  • Output Jacks: 2

  • Voltage input: 110/120v and 220/230v  or 240v

  • Size: 360mm(W)×170mm(H)×265mm(D)

  • Neight weight: 10kg

  • Gross weight: 12kg