YAQIN MS-12B 12AX7 Tube Phono Stage Preamplifier HIFI EXQUIS tube pre-amp for Vinyl turntable

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Features:(HIFI EXQUIS)

  • Ability to use with CD/DVD player as a preamplifier and with MM cartridge turntable as a phono stage
  • Dual stereo outputs either 0.7V for a post stage amplifier or 0.25V for an integrated amplifier. It can be applied to bi-amp configuration;(HIFI EXQUIS)
  • Employ DC filaments power supply to minimize humming noise;
  • Adopts conventional active RIAA equalization in phono stage circuit;
  • Power transformers manufactured with silicon steel sheet and high quality oxygen-free enameled copper wire;(HIFI EXQUIS)
  • Utilizes the audiophile capacitors, such as Japanese Nippon Chemi-con capacitor filters, and high quality metal precision resistors dedicated for audio frequency;
  • Applies special potentiometer as volume controller with low noise and durable;
  • Beautiful aluminum heavy duty chassis, faceplate, and bezels.(HIFI EXQUIS)

Technical Specifications:(HIFI EXQUIS)

  • Phono Stage Suitability:    MM cartridge phonograph
  • Tubes:    Phono voltage amplifier: 12AX7 × 2    
  •                 Voltage amplifier: 12AU7 × 2    (HIFI EXQUIS)
  • Output Voltages:    Dual outputs of either 0.25V or 0.7V
  • CD/DVD: 0.25V (for integrated amplifier)
  • RIAA: 0.7V   (for power amplifier or second gear)
  • Output Jacks:    Two channels two group gold plated RCA jacks
  • Input Sensitivity: ≤0.25V           Preamplifier
  •                             ≤5mV             Phono stage
  • Input Jacks:    Two Groups gold plated RCA jacks (CD/DVD and Phono)
  • Distortion of Harmonic Wave:    ≤0.2%    Preamplifier
  •                                                 ≤0.5%       Phono stage
  • Frequency Response:    15Hz ~ 100KHz (-2.0dB)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio:    >75dB (CD/DVD input 0.5V 1KHz, output 0.7V)
  •                                         >65dB (Phono input 10mV 1KHz, output 0.7V)
  • Input voltage: 110v-240v 50/60hz switch power supply(HIFI EXQUIS)