XiangSheng 2021 DAC05A II 2x PCM1794 XMOS XLR Tube BT DAC HIFI EXQUIS DAC05 AII Balanced Bluetooth Decoder Dac-05A Sound Card

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New product


This is Xiangsheng 2021 latest released DAC 05AII

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Black / silver with BT option: DAC is with Bluetooth 5.0 module with Black or Silver front panel



Specifications and Parameters:

  • Simple dimensions: width 330mm, depth 220mm, height 70mm (except button, machine feet, connector size)

  • Frequency response: 20Hz-35KHz

  • SNR: General output: 110dB

  • Harmonic distortion: general port output: <0.001%

  • Support format: PCM (wav, wma, APE, Flac, Mp3, etc.)

  • Support sampling:

    All of them support to 24bit, 192khz, (hifi exquis)

  • Output Max level: balanced 9V output, Standard 2V output

  • Dynamic range:

    Balanced output >120dB,

    RCA output >110d

  • Output impedance: 600 ohms

  • Outputs groupes:

    2 x RCA Analog
    1x Coaxial output: only works with USB input

  • Net Weight: 4.5Kg, (hifi exquisite)

  • Packing weight: about 5Kg (hifi exquisite)

  • Input voltage: 110-120v or 220-240v 60/50Hz for all customer countries


  • Compare with all the most expensive hi-fi Sound DAC decoder,  xiangsheng double PCM1794 decoder DAC  is still one of best cost effective digital analog converter

  • Dopte double PCM1794A decoder chips inside, each chip work for one channel and powered by one transformer,

  • PCM1794A is one of famous good decoder old chip, have less rater sample , work only for 24bit 192khz, but have a sound exceptionnel compared with this chip's price, hifi-exquis sell all time this chip DACs, but always one of top selling DAC chip

  • Use the double toroidal transformers, to ensure the sufficient amount of current

  • Certified XMOS USB original driver offered officially by Thesycon

  • Use AK4113 Chip degital Receiver

  • USB receive use XMOS-Xu208 chip, which is asynchronous working, it can effectively reduce jitter values.Double speed than u8 kernel and support more system

  • Support almost Mac IOS system equipment like phone or computer, support all seires windows system, support linux,

  • 4x LME49720NA、3x 2604AU op-amp(can be changed by different production periode by samilar op-amp)

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm QCC5125 chip

  • Dual analog output group:

    Standard output with op-amp ,

    Tube buffer output with a triode tube Russian 6Н3П(equivalent 5670)

  • A extra coaxial digital output

  • 5 inputs: PC-USB, RCA Coaxial, BNC Coaxial, optical, Bleutooth 5.0

  • Use top DALE and TKD resistors

  • Use all high level audio capacitors, and famouse high quality big coupling capacitors

  • Use all single or double teflon plated wires inside

  • XLR output + - have 9v, (+ 0) or (-0) have 4.5v, RCA output have 2v


Windows driver for DAC-05A and 05B setup manual:

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