XiangSheng DAC-03A PCM1794 USB Tube DAC HIFI EXQUIS Coaxial SPIDIF HD Exterior Sound Card 03A XSDAC03A

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XiangSheng's famous DAC-03A.  This version of dac-03A use CS8416 receiver chip , and PCM1794A chip for decoding fonction

Black SA9023/TE7022L USB version DAC is also in stock in Canada Store,  we can give a fast shipping for Noth American customer and 15usd discount for Canada customer, please contact  us to get the discount

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  • With XMOS USB Card
  • With SA9023 USB Card

Black SA9023 USB option is with SA9023 USB decoder(usb sampling is 24b 96khz, if you want Silver SA9023 USB version, please leave us a message in the order page)

Black / Silver XMOS USB option is with XMOS USB decoder(USB sampling is 24bits 192khz) 


The performance characteristics:

  • Compatiblity of device OS of SA9023 USB: almost of  Windows ,  MAC,  Android,  Apple-phone(only with camera set)
    Compatiblity of device OS of Xmos USB:  almost of Windows ,  MAC,  Don't support phone/tablet device
  • This DAC has two stereo RCA outputs : Normal op-amp output OR tube buffer output . it's convenient with tube amp or transistor amp, to get different effects .
  • The main amplifier board with dual-panel design , production of fine .
  • The local digital and digital to analog conversion receiver using CIRRUS CS8416, and TI 's PCM1794A
  • Tube output module use Russian 6H3n tube, the sound is mellow. High voltage and filament are regulated DC power supply.
  • DAC has 3 Op-amps: it's OPA2134PA or OPA2604AU or other same quality/price op-amp, manufactuer chage often the op-amp, so we can not make sure what op-amp extactly, but all are the same/very close quality/sound(confirm by XiangSheng manufacture)
  • The machine resistors, capacitors do not use SMD components , but are of high quality discrete component assembly fever , so the sound quality can be guaranteed. The machine uses a lot of fever components: the Japanese metal film resistors, Germany WIMA polypropylene capacitors, Suren capacitor , CBB subminiature metallized polypropylene capacitors, monolithic capacitors. Never use of polyester , tiles and other common components. Thus ensuring pure sound , high resolving power , small bass , a wide sound field and so on.
  • LED indicators for source inputs
  • The use of the superior performance of R-type transformer power supply ( often used in high-level hifi equipment ) , although the cost ratio circular , square transformer greatly increased , but high efficiency, small magnetic leakage .
  • Digital and analog part of the independent power regulator rectifier filter to reduce interference
  • RCA output and coaxial plug are gold-plated to reduce contact resistance.
  • Realization of the functions of the machine adopts MCU control , channel status and the volume remember when the last shutdown
  • It use almost all HIFI level and high quality electronic components

The specification parameters:

  • Dimensions: width 260mm, depth 167mm, height 55mm 
  • 4 digital signal inputs : BNC, coaxial , optical(SPDIF) and also USB
  • Frequency response : 20Hz-30KHz
  • SNR : OP-amp port output : 110dB
              Tube port output : 90dB
  • Harmonic distortion : General port output : <0.001
               Tube port output : <0.1%
  • Support 16bit, 20bit, 24bit digital stream
  • Supports the following sampling frequencies : 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 192KHz
  • Output level : 2000mV
  • Dynamic range : 120dB
  • Input Impedance: 75 ohms figures
  • Line Output impedance: 600 ohms
  • Input voltage : 100V-230V/50Hz60Hz switch voltage power supply
  • Net Weight: about 2KG

The buffer tube is replaced by Russian 6H3n tube:





SA9023 USB(the oscillator is on the back of usb card):

XMOS XU208 USB card(have double speed than old XMOS U8):


HIFI EXQUIS Will give this DAC a more security package:


You could download windows driver for XMOS USB extends card by copy of next link:

SA9023 usb is not need install driver,  it will be installed directly by OS

For driver installation: Disable your antivirus amd unplug the USB cable before install the driver, and then plug it later.

By (Toulouse, South Africa) on 23 Sept. 2017 (XiangSheng DAC-03A PCM1794 USB Tube DAC HIFI EXQUIS Coaxial SPIDIF HD Exterior Sound Card 03A XSDAC03A) :

Very high sound quality DAC

Very high sound quality DAC

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Xiangsheng TE7022 driver for win

Xiangsheng TE7022 driver for windows, and disable your antivirus and unplug the USB cable before install the driver, and then plug it later.

Download (2.39M)

Xiangsheng XMOS driver for win

Xiangsheng XMOS driver for windows, and disable your antivirus and unplug the USB cable before install the driver, and then plug it later.

Download (1.21M)

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