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Raphaelite L80-46816 Amplifier To Speakers Impedance Adapter HIFI EXQUIS Match Impedance between Amp and speaker

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 Speakers Impedance Adapter

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Technical Parameters:

  • Output Power: 80W

  • Impedance: 4Ω / 6Ω / 8Ω / 16Ω

  • Maximum DC current: 100mA

  • Frequency response: 10Hz - 100KHz -1dB / 16Ω

  • Volume (Dimension): 171 × 166 × 190 (W-D-H)

  • Each Net Weight: 3.95KG

  • Applications: transistor amp, tube amp, digital amplifier output impedance matching

  • Package list: 1pair of Auto-transformers.



This audio autotransformers is special desgin for accurate impedance matching between the amplifier and the speakers, achieving higher efficiency of the power amplifier output, more accurate frequency response of equalization. And when matched with the transistor amplifier which can be further overcome the distortion caused by the speaker counter electromotive force, it can let the sound more enduring.


When the amplifier is break down and output, low DC resistance bypass feature of this transformer can more effective to protect your expensive speaker unit been damaged.


This autotransformers structure first come from the US Western Electric, and later on a generation of crew McIntosh transistor amplifier widely used to date, it's a very wise idea that the transistor first drive transformer then output to the speakers, not only a lot of people think of transistor amplifier become have the tube amp sound feature when using the perceptual component of the transformer, is more important is to solve the precise impedance matching deliver the highest output power, also reduces distortion.


Raphaelite L80-46816 inspired by McIntosh output transformer structure, and joined us 10 years of experience to making transformers. In order to get a lower leakage inductance, smaller DC resistance, winding layered structure is more perfect, which all comes from the desginer elaborate working.



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