Weiliang Breez Audio DV20A Lossless File Reader Decoder HIFI EXQUIS AK4495 ES9018K2M DAC Flac APE WAV MPx digital turntable

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WeiLiang Breeze Audio

The ES9018K2M decoder option use AD827 op-amp

The AK4495 decoder option use MUS8820 op-amp

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  • AK4495
  • ES9018K2M
  • Witout decoder

AK4495 decoder option:  Reader file + AK4495 decoder chip and MUS8820 op-amp, 

ES9018K2M decoder option:  Reader file +  ES9018K2M decoder chip and AD827 op-amp

Reader option: If you don't need the decoder function, you need just a mucis file reader with just the  Coaxial/Optical and AES digital output  to connect your DAC, please choose this option



User interface:(HIIF EXQUIS co limited)

  • Inputs: SD card port,
         USB 2.0/3.0 port for USB key(USB flash), don't use USB1.0 device, it's too slow.
         Support some HDD with fat32 format or other, but not sure
  • Output:  Analog RCA output, Croaxial output, 3.5mm headphone jack on back panel(HIIF EXQUIS co limited)
  • LCD Screen
  • Remote control(HIIF EXQUIS co limited)
  • DAC size: 192X70X281mm
  • Net weight: 2.5kg 
Format Support Details:(HIIF EXQUIS co limited)
  • WAV:192K 24BIT(HIIF EXQUIS co limited)
  • APE:96K 24BIT (real higher APE Sampling supporting)
  • FLAC: 192K 24BIT (higher Flac Sampling supporting)
  • MP3:44-48K 16BIT (MP3 is not exist 192K 24BIT format)
  • Offical support USB flash 
  • partiel support USB HDD FAT32(maybe NTFS, but not sure 100%) format disc .  

Parameters and features:(HIIF EXQUIS co limited)

  • American ESS's latest main control master, hardware decoding to real 192khz
  • Decoder chip: AK flag-ship new decoder chip AK4495, Dynamic is fierce, sound field broad, extending excellent  or ES9018K2M decoder chip,
  • 3.5 inch IPS wide viewing angle TFT LCD high-definition LCD screen display is very nice(HIIF EXQUIS co limited
  • Using JRC best new MUS8820 op-amp  or AD827(for ES9018K2M decoder option, balanced sound, dynamique, very smooth vocals, tube flaver, and much better than now standard OPA2604 or LME4972 , the price is ridiculously expensive.  
  • Top capacitors, German WIMA,  and Japan ELNA brown god  capacitors 
  • output terminal and coaxial output terminal used the USA CMC-816 plug, very luxurious(HIIF EXQUIS co limited)
  • Ultra-high speed core processing chip support to 192K 24BIT mastering format, 
  • Sound's analytical and detail reproduction capability is excellent 
  • Music reporduce the loose natural, rich overtones, 
  • Better than almost PCHIFI system sound, (HIIF EXQUIS co limited)
  • Advantages than pure CD output(1101017).
  • Can upgrade the firmware by SD card, we will offer the new firmware version in HIFI EXQUIS shop store
  • LCD screen dispaly(HIIF EXQUIS co limited)
  • Support the CUE format play mode
  • 220-230v or 110v versions are available


LM2941 ultra-precision regulator device, and other than the commonly used three-terminal regulator LM317 LM7805 has much lower noise performance.(HIIF EXQUIS co limited)



MUSES8820 is a dual circuit, J-FET input op-amp form is to be applied more sound equipment and make more sound fans feel the "real sound" and the further development of MUSES series of high-volume products . (HIIF EXQUIS co limited) This product has been followed with MUSES series to pursue high-quality development concept, we realized the high clear stereo sound was given a high-volume productivity. (HIIF EXQUIS co limited)
MUSES8820 re-adjust the layout design,  (HIIF EXQUIS co limited) materials, and existing MUSES series as thoroughly developed repeatedly audition made. Audio production without containing any preferences to make it suitable for a variety of styles of music, it is possible to allow more fans to experience the true sound of high quality (HIIF EXQUIS co limited) :


Oxygen-free copper 50W R-type transformer power supply, low magnetic leakage, low noise, the background of the player to do very well.(HIIF EXQUIS co limited)


Support CUE play mode:

Support multi-level folders play 


Handling Precautions: (HIIF EXQUIS co limited)
  • When playing MP3, set the volume to a maximum of 20 for the most appropriate (maximum is 25), the volume of 1-22, the distortion0.01%Less, because MP3's dynamic is less then APE and WAV,  the distortion more than normal when the volume is close or more than 25(1101017), 
  • When playying APE, WAV, FLAC song when set to maximum20-23 Ideally, the DAC distortion results is much lower than computer connections.
  • The Craoxial output can't be controled by inside volume controller
  • To upgrade the firmeware you need copy the upgrade file to the SD card root folder and then turn on the decoder, the upgrade works automaticly, (1101017) when you turn on the DAC with firmware SD card, the screen will be changed from bright to dark in the vicinity of 30 seconds OR some DAC can display "DONE", it mean the flash process is finished. when you finished the flash process, you should remove the SD card and delete the firmware file, to avoid the DAC re-flash again the firmware automaticly(HIIF EXQUIS co limited):

We have not the new firmware for this moment

The version without the decoder function part,  the output interface is(HIIF EXQUIS co limited):


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Weiliang Breez Audio DV20A Lossless File Reader Decoder HIFI EXQUIS AK4495 ES9018K2M DAC Flac APE WAV MPx digital turntable

Weiliang Breez Audio DV20A Lossless File Reader Decoder HIFI EXQUIS AK4495 ES9018K2M DAC Flac APE WAV MPx digital turntable

The ES9018K2M decoder option use AD827 op-amp

The AK4495 decoder option use MUS8820 op-amp

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