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PSVANE KT88 TII Vacuum Tube MARK TII Series HIFI EXQUIS Factory Matched KT88-TII Electron Lamp

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Psvane MARK TII Series have two sub version: TII Classic version Or TII Collector version

The difference between Classic version and Collector version : It's from the same production line, the best appearance, the best electronic parameters and the timeproof tubes will be selected to Collector Version. The standard quality tube will class to Classic Version. 

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  • TII Classic Version
  • TII Collector Version
  • 2 PCS
  • 4 PCS

Classic version kt88 TII tube, each tube has a small box,Classic version view:


Collector version kt88 TII tube:2 tubeuse a bigger box,collectorversion view:


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Psvane MARK TII Series offers two sub-versions: TII Classic and TII Collector. The distinction between the Classic and Collector versions lies in the selection process during production:

  1. Classic Version:

    • Tubes selected for the Classic version come from the same production line.

    • Standard appearance and electronic parameters are maintained.

    • Suitable for general usage and applications where top-tier performance is not critical.

  2. Collector Version:

    • Collector version tubes are also sourced from the same production line.

    • The best appearance and electronic parameters are carefully chosen for this version.

    • Considered timeproof tubes, selected for superior performance and longevity.

    • Ideal for audiophiles and applications where top-notch quality and durability are paramount.

This approach to sub-versioning is akin to the practices of vintage tube manufacturers like Telefunken and Mazda. For instance, Telefunken selects the best ECC83 tubes to create the coveted E803CC, while Mazda chooses the finest 12AX7 tubes for the production of their 5-star 3-mica 12AX7, reserved for military or critical instrument applications. Similarly, the Collector Version of the Psvane MARK TII Series adheres to a meticulous selection process to deliver the highest quality and durability for discerning users



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