PSVANE 12AT7-TII Vacuum Tube Mark TII Series Collection Edition HIFI EXQUIS 12AT7 Electron Lamp

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PSVANE  Mark TII 12AT7, 12AU7 and 12AX7 tube have only collector version

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  • 2 PCS
  • 4 PCS

Psvane MARK TII Series have two sub version: TII Classic version Or TII Collector version

The difference between Classic version and Collector version : It's from the same production line, the best appearance, the best electronic parameters and the timeproof tubes will be selected to Collector Version. The standard quality tube will class to Classic Version.  (HiFi Exquis co, ltd.)

​There are the same selection method in the vintage tube, like telefunken select the best ECC83 to create E803CC, Mazda select the best 12AX7 to create their 5 star 3 mica 12AX7 for military or other important instrument use case





12AT7-TII is small high U &low noise double triode tube with nine feet

Do the voltage amplification in the audio amplifier circuit, inverter drive push-pull amplifier

filament heating
UH----------------------------6.  3(parallel) 12.6(cascade)    V
IH-----------------------------0.30 0.15 A
interelectrode capacitance
(HIFI EXQUIS co, Limited)
Grid - grid----------------------0.005 PF
anode - anode----------------------0.4 PF
Grid anode (single triode) - -----------1.5 PF
Grid - cathode, filament (single triode) ------2.2 PF
Anode, cathode, filament (single triode) ------0.5 PF
Filament - cathode (single triode) -----------2.4 PF
Anode, cathode (single triode) -----------0.2 PF
Cathode filament, grid (single triode) ------4.6 PF
Anode - filament, the grid (single triode) ------1.8 PF
(HIFI EXQUIS co, Limited)

static parameter(HIFI EXQUIS co, Limited)
Ua--------------------100 250 V
Ia---------------------3.7 10 mA
Gm--------------------4 5.5 mA/V
Rk---------------------270 200 Ω
u----------------------60 60
ri(approx)---------------15 10.9 KΩ
Ug(approx)--------------—5 —12 V
(when Ia=10uA)

Limit value when class A1 amplification (single triode)
anode voltage----------------300 V
(HIFI EXQUIS co, Limited)
anode dissipation power-------------- 2.5 W
grid voltage-------------------—50 V
Between the filament cathode voltage (pk)-----------±90 V

grid resistance

Bias voltage-------------------1 MΩ(HIFI EXQUIS co, Limited)
Fixed voltage-----------------0.25 MΩ




HIFI EXQUIS will use double box package to send the tubes, We guarantee the tube will devliered to you with good condition,

But thank you always to check the tube state face with courier during delivery process.

The PSVANE tube have 6 month for guarantee


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