Reisong Boyuu A20 4nd Version KT88 Tube Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS single-ended amp BYA204

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KT88 tube option: is with 2x KT88 power tube, 2x preamp tube and a rectifier tube

Without any tube option:  is the version wihtout any tube

More details




  • KT88 Power Tubes
  • Without tubes

Normal this amp have not brand name on the front panel,  but "Boyuu" just changed their brand name to "Reisong",  so maybe in the future this amplifier come with "Reisong" or others name like "Boyuu" or "Tube" words on the front plate, please pay attention,  if you want some pecial plate, please contact us for more detail information 



A20 architecture is inspirit the USA WE 91 with one level amplification circuit, with chinese 6J8P for voltage amplification, it can be replaced by 6SJ7 or many other samelly tube,  and the power tube can use direclty with KT88 tube tube without any modification, so we have 3 version to choose

Basic technical parameters:


  •     Tubes:   Rectifier tube: 1 x  5Z3PAT, high level rectifier tube
                      Voltage tubes: 2 x 6J8PJ(same with US's 6SJ7) , Class J level
                      Power tubes:  2 x KT88 PSVANE, if you want shuguang kt88-98, thank you to leave a message in the order   

  •     Power transformer :  0.35mm/60MM 114*60,  
  •     Output transformers:   0.35mm 86*50,
  •     Output power: 18Wx2(Ultra- linear connection)
  •     Frequency response: 20Hz--35KHz
  •     Output Impedance: 4ohms - 8ohms
  •     Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤ 1% (1kHz)
  •     Input Impedance: 100KΩ (3 input )
  •     Input Sensitivity: 750mV
  •     SNR: 89dB
  •     Input voltage: 110v-240v 50/60hz
  •     Supply transformer Power: 150W
  •     Size (W × D × H): 360mm × 300mm × 185mm
  •     Net weight: 16.5 kg net

Product technology and materials 

  •     Power and output transformers use Booyu's best transformers  
  •     Gold plate connection for all connections
  •     Double CLC filter inductors for rectifier tube
  •     Double chassis design  2.4mm, very high resistant up to 70kg loading
  • ​    The transformers steel are all imported from japon Z11 0.35mm


BOYUU is specially manufacturer for HIFI Transformers, It export to Japan or others countries, and one of leader market chinese brand of transformer  , then it’s why the BOYUU’s amplifier transformers are better than others and its tube amps can give a better sound.


The latest 4nd version of A20 is with nice VU-meter:






With such more detail handmade ,and ALPS potentionmeter:aeProduct.getSubject()




The tubes cover is not included. Click next photo topurchase it:

By (Aguilar de Campoo, Spain) on 25 Sept. 2017 (Reisong Boyuu A20 4nd Version KT88 Tube Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS single-ended amp BYA204) :

Lovely amplifier

Greate sound good look

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