Reisong Boyuu MT-88 KT88 Magic Eye Push-Pull Tubes Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS handmade Lamp Amp MT88

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With PSVANE power tube option , the amp come with psvane hifi seire kt88 tube and all other tubes
With Shuguang power tube option , the amp come with Shuguang KT88-98 tube and all other tubes
Without any tube opetion , the amp come without any tube

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  • 220-240v version
  • Without tubes
  • With PSVANE power tube
  • With Shuguang power tube

"Boyuu" just changed their brand name to "Reisong",  so maybe we have some amplifier come with "Reisong" brand name , and others come with "Boyuu" or "Tube" words on the front plate, please pay attention,  if you want some pecial plate, please contact us for more detail information

MT-88 kt88-98 push-pull amplifier is Boyuu's flage-ship tube amplifier , it has the triod and UL connection mode swith can offer two different drive mode to macth with your music and speakers. it's a very mature and classic tube amp
Technical parameters :
  • Output Power: 25W × 2 (triode connected). 
  •      45W × 2 (ultra-linear connection). 
  • Tube: 12AT7 for pre-amplification, 12AU7 for current drive,
     Power tube: 4x PSVANE HIFI serie KT88  OR 4x Shuguang KT88-98 (
    it's the same quality tube, so ship randomly, please leave a message if you want choose it)
  • Frequency Response: 25Hz - 45KHz. 
  • Input impedance: 4 - 8 Ω. 
  • Signal to noise ration: 89 dB. 
  • Input Sensitivity: 800mV. 
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤ 1% (1kHz). 
  • Input Sensitivity: 800mV. 
  • Input impedance: 100KΩ. 
  • Weight: about 20.5 Kg. 
  • Package Weight: 24 Kg. 
  • Dimensions:  410 ×  370 ×  190MM.. 
  • Packaging volume:  560 ×  480 ×  340MM.
  • Input voltage: 220v-230v 50Hz/60Hz


Product design and requirements :
  • Double connection modes: a swither can swith between ultra-linear or triode connection mod
  • 500W power supply cattle adequate supply of energy output,114-80 cattle imported to meet the large dynamic core when. (hifi-exquis)
  • 80W design output of cattle, 5 3 tightly sandwiched around a thin, layered staging, primary, secondary series parallel wiring, hiding cow foot high output and low leakage inductance characteristics, high silicon iron imported 0.35, stack thickness 96-50 core manufacturing. 
  • Volume potentiometer, we directly employ ALPS made of pure graphite film series in Japan, with about balance is high, warm sound, good dynamic characteristics, the non-South Korea Taiwan brand products can be compared.
Product Process and Technology 
  • Handmade scaffolding welding, there is concise and easy process, traces short, simple upgrade change material. 
  • Iimported stainless steel chassis. Have a look gorgeous, durable, can not afford not peeling paint and so on. (hifi-exquis)
  • Japan ALPS volume potentiometer exclusive five-year warranty for this component can be assure long life. 
  • Triode connection or Ultra-linear connection switch, the perfect balance of strength and beauty to play a push-pull machine. (hifi-exquis)
  • Using internationally accepted 12AT7/12AU7 tube. Easy to upgrade, upgrade potential. 
  • Professional touch with stereotypes cow hood, there is an arc shape mellowed. 
  • Achieve internationally accepted proof output transformer potting process can not damp decade, high stability, and durability. (hifi-exquis)
  • The unique structure of the four corners of the aluminum pole resonant principle, with the traditional bottom machine foot structure will have excellent stability and reliability.
  • 2xMagic Eye tube offer a very dynamic music environment
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