XiangSheng H-06A LM1876T 6J1 Tube Hybrid amplifier HIFI EXQUIS Pre-amplifier Headphone amp XSH06A

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H-06A Tube Hybrid amplifier: use 6J1 pre-amplification tube and LM1876T power chip 

it's also line-out function, so it's also a Pre-amplifier 

it's also a Headphone amplifier 

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Design of materials:

  • 1mm thickness steel plate using black spray process box .
  • Using 8mm thick aluminum wire drawing process panel.
  • The metal knob cap.
  • The blue power indicator tube .
  • power supply with low magnetic leakage toroidal transformer power supply.
  • The volume is controlled by Taiwan WL or wizard potentiometer.
  • Signal input shielded signal lines.
  • The red Weimar, Germany WIMA MKP polypropylene capacitors coupled to do before and after class .
  • pre-amp use 6J1 tube , which is an indirectly heated high gain beams shoot pentode , transparent sound bright , airy grainy good, then a transistor form , lower distortion , better sense of hearing .
  • Power amp section selected U.S. National's reputation tube flavor amplifier chip LM1876T, NS company has patented SPIKE sudden loss of instantaneous temperature protection circuit , overvoltage , undervoltage , overload protection, and monitoring transistor safe operating area protection, fade in, fade out squelch mode

Technical characteristics:

  • tube pre- regulator power supply uses high pressure to make noise to a minimum level .
  • AC-powered filament and balanced ground , while maintaining the advantages of AC-powered warm timbre , and overcome the shortcomings of the DC power supply lead voice hardening and aging fast filament end .
  • use of mature experience designing large power amplifier , so that the machine layout is very reasonable , although our whole range of products in the low-cost mini- amplifier , but in tone , SNR , frequency response , power and so it is not distorted admiration.
  • The machine has increased the latest improved amp output function , the driving force is good, can be connected to 32-600Ω impedance range headphones.

Performance parameters:

  •  Rated output power : 2 × 30W (8Ω)
  •  Frequency Response : 20Hz ~ 30kHz ± 1db
  •  Total harmonic distortion : <0.1% (1kHz)
  •  Input Sensitivity : 500mV-2000mV
  •  Input impedance : 100KΩ
  •  Output Impedance : 4Ω, 8Ω
  •  SNR : 90dB
  •  tube + chip : 6J1 × 2 + LM1876
  •  Dimensions (W × H × D ): 185 × 80 × 270mm
  •  Power input : 110v-240v 50/60hz
  •  Net Weight : 3.5Kg
  •  Front panel color: Sliver or Black


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