Xiangsheng H-03A hybrid 6F1 tube amplifier HIFI EXQUIS mp3 player USB key SD card Decoder pre-amplifier headphone amp

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Now this amplifier is no longer offer with remote controler and its functions, please note it!

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Now this amplifier is no longer offer with remote controler and its functions, please note it!


This is a multifunctional HiFi amplifier: H-03A is a small tube and transistor hybrid power amplifier. Good listening, warm tone, superior resolving. 
  • The machine retains the CD/DVD, AUX input for pure music lovers.Connection high quality audio source, such as desktop CD machine, DAC decoder, a small pure Hi-Fi music system, can get the full play to the machine tone quality.
  • Specially designed for computer music lovers of U disk/SD card MP3 player , users can put the favorite MP3 file format into the U disk or USB portable memory, SD card, etcHIFI EXQUIS(1101017)
  • Headphone amplifier output is also designed , headphone amp parts directly using the machine power amplifier circuit, driver is better, Can connect 32-600Ohm Hi-Fi headphones to enjoy music, insert the headset automatically disconnect the output of the power amplifier to loudspeaker box.
  • The former output interface is also designed, can be separately as a evacuated tube former, when connect to a pure latter amplifiers, listening improving.
  • The output power of 15 w x 2,match the 4 inch small sound shelves box drives sounds nice, she can even promote some large diameter loudspeaker box.
  • Appearance beautiful, workmanship exquisite, fine warm sound. Both tube amp warm exquisite timbreand transistor amp speed and strength. HIFI EXQUIS(1101017)
  • Multipurpose, extra value.
  • A really tube is applied to make pre-amplifier (not cathode buffer, not decorate false tube amp).
  • The latter power amplifier is linear integrated power amplifier block imported from the Philipps. Sound quality and tone is incomparable. 


Performance parameters:
  • Rated output power : 15W×2  
  • Frequency Response : 20Hz ~ 25kHz 
  • Total harmonic distortion : <0.1% (1kHz)
  • Input Sensitivity : 500mV-2000mV
  • Input impedance : 100KΩ
  • Output Impedance :4 Ohm -16Ohm
  • SNR : 90dB, HIFI EXQUIS(1101017)
  • Dimensions (W × H × D ): 240 × 145 ×160mm
  • Net Weight : about 3 Kg
  • Voltage input: 110v, 220/230v, 240v available

Product features:
  • With 4 road signal input switch function: USB/SD input;CD/DVD input;AUX line input;MP3 / PC input.
  • Bring U disk/SD card decoder, can put the MP3 files the downloaded from your computer copy into USB mobile storage, insert the machine interface, you can enjoy free online music files.
  • Portable players such as MP3, MP4, etc. and the computer sound card output connected to the amplifier power amplifier as a repeater power amplification to appreciate music.HIFI EXQUIS(1101017)
  • Built-in headphone output, can connect different impedance headphones from 32 Ohm to 600 Ohm to enjoy music (after headset insert, automatically cut off the loudspeaker box).
  • Can be connected to 4 Ohm - 16 Ohm impedance of speakers 
  • Power transformer adopts independent segregation of shielded enclosure, with low magnetic leakage toroidal transformer power supply,to the greatest degree reduces the interference, power supply abundant.
  • Using sheet metal cabinet.HIFI EXQUIS(1101017)
  • Adopting advanced wrinkle paint or car paint process mask.
  • The volume uses Taiwan W.L potentiometer.
  • German WIMA red MKP capacitive coupling. 
  • Senior gilded power output terminals.
  • Using three plug sockets, convenient to replace the power cord


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