Latest Tuolihao X6 Bookshelf Speakers HIFI EXQUIS specially for HI-FI amplifier

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  X6 new version advanced bookshelf speaker technical parameters:

  • Power range: 80- 150 W
  • Frequency range: 42-25 KHZ
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB
  • Case material: HDF,
  • Speakers sheet thickness: thickness of the panel are: 36MM, roof, rear panel, bottom, left and right plate thickness is 20MM.
  • Dimensions: Panel Width: 210MM, the largest drum width: 258MM, height: 400MM, depth: 345MM.
  • Speaker Weight: 26 kg
  • Packaging size weight: 34 kg

Panel: Grilled black matte, the other five side panels are attached to the rosewood skin transparent piano paint.






X6  Tuolihao special customize  tweeter unit,  horn top silk membrane tweeter, this is his biggest bright spot, his voice is very special, style personality category is relatively good Naiting . horn tweeter silk film due to the energy conversion efficiency is very high,

A derivative of the following main advantages:

First, just a little work input power, it can give good texture and plenty of sound 

Second, the power amplifier with a light load mode of operation, low distortion, sound texture has been further enhanced.

Third, and ordinary treble compared to when you play soft music in small volume, it's the sound field is still wide wide sense of space is very thick:  3-13-23-3





To enrich the sound of X6, Tuolihao use special customize high level llular vibration plate modle woofer unit, Diaphragm is imported from Germany, In fact,  vibration plate has two layers, it is  pressed by the upper plate, middle fibers, the number of parts from three footwall, which will give you a Clean and agile bass.



Divider architecture is the heart of the speaker , tuner x6 customized specifically for air core inductors, no sense of resistance , the French round Su capacitors, designed a special frequency division Yinfen give complexes , high and low range has been smooth convergence



two large red coils are two hollow inductances , 

Its inductance is: 0.83mH anaerobic enamelled copper , 

diameter is:. 1.2MM,  these two bass's inductors are connected in parallel ,

after parallel get: 1.66mH, is given to the use of bass and me, also adopted a "WEAH" brand 8.2UF / 250V polar capacitor, bass bypass, and can the quality of bass treble is an essential part of this is the result of two French Suren polar capacitor: 2.2UF / 400V, 1.0UF / 400V these capacitors are connected in parallel resistance is very small, French Suren capacitance. recognized worldwide as a fever-level audio capacitors, now a lot of world-class brands have adopted it , sound is very good,   about this little red inductance, its inductance is:. 0.47mH anaerobic enamelled copper.  wire diameter are: 0.8MM for treble bypass.

There is a golden aluminum is no sense resistance: 12.5ohm 25W, this resistance was customized for giving a good crossover point, it's high quality, also used in the treble bypass, Crossover circuit boards is 2 Ansi's



High sensitivity silk film treble
Large thickening magnets and listen to music without distortion, dynamic transient changing. Its bass is full and has a good flexible:
Extending particularly wide sound field , particularly strong explanatory power, Mild high -tone dot can be most vividly.


New version X6 structure view:





The new version X6 crossover view:x6-15



The new version x6 Phase and impedance graph



Internal wiring is made of mono- copper , which ensure the accuracy of the positioning of the speakers.

The subwoofer is very soft rubber edge, tray design, high sensitivity, easy to push, to sink in place, bass retractable place, one word: clean. 

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Latest Tuolihao X6 Bookshelf Speakers HIFI EXQUIS specially for HI-FI amplifier

Latest Tuolihao X6 Bookshelf Speakers HIFI EXQUIS specially for HI-FI amplifier