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Raphaelite CK100 Balanced Headphone Speakers Amplifier Hifi EXQUIS For Low Efficiency Earphone Desktop Amp

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Rafael CK100 Earphone and speakers Amplifier  have 2 blocks,  amp main body, and a power blockm,

For power bloc,  we have two option Standard power bloc(Standard version) or Linear power bloc(Luxury version)(improve much for sound quality)

it has 3 colors available Green, Grey and white

More details




  • Standard version
  • Luxury version

Green color with Linear power bloc :


Green color with Standard power bloc :


Gray color with Linear power bloc :


Gray color with Standard power bloc :


White color with Linear power bloc :


White color with Standard power bloc :


  • Careful Selection of Materials: The CK100 amplifier is crafted with meticulous attention to material selection.

  • Low Noise and Quiet: Engineered for low noise operation, providing a quiet and immersive audio experience.

  • Safe and Stable: Designed to ensure safety and stability during operation.

  • BTL Bridge Amplification Solution: The CK100 adopts a unique BTL bridge amplification solution, challenging the common multi-group module approach in the market.

  • High-Power Gold-Sealed Transistor Amplification: Differentiating itself by utilizing a high-power gold-sealed transistor amplification program, featuring four 150W Toshiba 2SD424 and 2SB554 transistors.

  • High Bias Class A Circuit Design: Incorporates a high bias Class A circuit design, delivering a usable power output of 30W without the use of BTL bridge.

  • Balanced Output Power: The CK100 is engineered to provide a high-power amplification program, offering 30W of power output without the need for BTL bridge. This design reduces cross-over distortion compared to traditional BTL bridging programs.

  • Breaking the Fallacy: Challenges the common belief that "balanced sound quality is better than single-ended," allowing single-ended headphones to achieve the same output power and compete on equal footing with balanced headphones.

  • Universal Compatibility: Whether using single-ended headphones or "balanced" headphones, there's no need to change the cable, ensuring users can enjoy the best listening experience seamlessly.

  • Earphone/Amplifier One Machine Solution
  • Balanced Single-Ended Equivalent
  • 8-speed impedance equivalent
  • Power Output 30Wx2
  • Signal-to-noise ratio 85db
  • Input Impedance 20kΩ
  • THD+N <0.001%
  • Space-saving, flexible matching,multi-color available
  • Input impedance: 20K
  • Output impedance: Speaker section 4-8-16Ω headphones 32/50/100/150/300/600Ω
  • power consumption 130W
  • Volume (W-D-H) unit MM: switching power supply 110 * 192 * 60 linear power supply 205 * 310 * 113 amplifier section 205 * 320 * 113
  • Net weight: Standard power supply 1.5KG, Linear power supply 6.1KG, Main Amplifier 3KG
CK100 is an analog transistor class AB push-pull transistor high power amplifier, working point value close to the class A, in order to ensure that the sound quality is active at the same time, high efficiency to provide up to 30w of power output. Will not be like a class D amplifier "digital flavor" is too heavy, the lack of realism; but also to do in the same volume and heat control to provide pure class A can not reach the high power output.



Output Rear Panel

1. Right channel balanced input

2. Left channel balanced input

3. CD right channel input

4. CD left channel input

5. AUX1 right channel input

6. AUX1 left channel input

7. AUX2 right channel input

8. AUX2 left channel input

9. Speaker right channel

10.Speaker left channel

11.DC power input

​ ​ ​ ​

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