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PAIYON P802 OCC MonoCrystal RCA Interconnect Cable HIFI EXQUIS Single-Crystal Copper US MCAmeet Wire

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  • 1 Meter x 1Pair



Product description:
Single crystal copper (OCC) for the production of audio wire, is a major breakthrough in recent years audio wire and cable manufacturing industry. Scientific experiments prove that: single crystal copper is a kind of high purity oxygen-free copper (purity as high as 6N), the whole copper rod by only one or a few grain composition, no "The grain boundary" or "A few grain boundaries" ("The grain boundary should to cause signal reflection and refraction, sequentially signal attenuation) therefore the signal transmission performance of the OCC is the extremely high.



  • The PAIYON P802 wires use a OCC conductor, this OCC conductor of each crystal can be extended to hundreds of meters.There is only one crystal grain on the length of practical application, and there is no so-called "grain interface", when signal communicates, without through grain and the "boundary" between the grains, signals penetrate and conduct more easily, so the loss is extremely low.What a quite perfect wire, its physical properties are close to silver.
  • The PAIYON P802 wires choose PCOCC series wire by MCA,USA. with one "high performance" machine line processing by special production technology.
  • The internal structure of the series wire is specially refined with low capacitance, low inductance, low resistance and low skin effect and other physical properties, sound performance is very good.  
  • When the PAIYON P802 under the condition of reasonable collocation, her sound is transparent clear, purity, background is very quiet, analysis of high power, low volume, balance is ideal, more balanced than silver plated.


  • Cable length: 1 m x 2 cable(1 Pair)
  • Wire Interface: double-ended RCA plugs
  • Wire Packing: anti-static bag
  • Wire Direction: arrow pointing to the signal flow, then the input of the amplifier, and the other end audio