CHOSEAL AB-5408 single crystal copper OCC RCA interconnect audio cable Can Lock HIFI EXQUIS signal line 1.5 m

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  • product name: Choseal AB-5408
  • brand name: Choseal
  • model: AB-5408
  • process: gilding
  • colours: black
  • RCA type: RCA
  • material quality: puer copper
  • size: 1.5m


  • High-purity OCC single crystal copper
  • Pure copper nonmagnetic 24K gold-plating plug
  • High density braided shield 75 ohm structural design
  • Special disposition radio frequency closure
  • LOZ/low loss/low-distortion


Product description : This product adopts 6N wire conductor of high-purity single crystal copper, 75 ohm coaxial structure design, High density multilayer woven shield protection, import PVC tegument, pure copper without gold-plating plug can effectively reduce the external electromagnetic interference,

Instructions for use: the end of the RCA plug into the DVD's audio output (AUDIO OUT), RCA plug on the other end is inserted into the power amplifier or the TV audio input port (AUDIO IN) can be.