Bluebird D2 AK4495S DAC USB Coaxial Optical Decoder Screen LCD HIFI EXQUIS

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Black XMOS Option is Black version DAC with XMOS USB chip 24bit 192Khz
Blue XMOS Option is Black version DAC with XMOS USB chip 24bit 192Khz
Blue SA9023  Option is Blue version DAC with XMOS USB chip 24bit 92Khz

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  • With XMOS USB Card
  • Without USB card
  • With SA9023 USB Card




Technical parameters:

  • Digitan input jack:coaxial 24B/192K (Hifi exquis 1101017)

                                    optical 24B/192K(Hifi exquis 1101017)
                                    USB card sampling rate: 24B 96K by SA9023 chip receiver

  • output: standard double RCA 3.5mm standard headphone jack
  • output power:3.3V(Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • SNR:126dB
  • Frequency response:12Hz-26Hz(Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • Sampling chip: AK4495
  • Sampling rate: 24B 96K(Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • Receiver chip:AK4118(Hifi exquis 1101017) 
  • Voltage input: 110-240v 50/60hz


USB extend card with sampling rate: 24B 96K:


  • With memory function, A mute button function.(Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • High-resolution and the sound is delicat, and it has a big dynamic. (Hifi exquis 1101017)
  • It is suitable for different music style, voice, pop, DJ, classic, symphony
  • It uses AK4495s high quality  decoding chip, it can restore every detail of the song. (Hifi exquis 1101017)





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