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MUZISHARE R100 845 805 211 Tube Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS ECC83 6SN7 300B Driver Lampe Integrated / Power Amp Remote

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Here we sell 3 version of R100 : 845,805, 211 version, it's 3 different amplifier with 3 different grand and majestic sound

More details




  • 845 Tube Amp
  • 211Tube Amp
  • 805 Tube Amp

845 Amplifier (30wx2) :

  • Sound Characteristics: 845 tubes typically provide a warm, full, delicate sound, with rich musical details and gentle high-frequency performance.

  • Mid-range Performance: Mid-range response is prominent, helping to provide good mid-range details and fullness, allowing music to perform well in mixing.

  • Distortion Characteristics: Distortion is usually considered soft and natural, adding warmth and charm to the music.

  • Application Scenarios: Suitable for high-fidelity sound systems and music amplifiers pursuing soft and rich sound quality, such as high-end tube amplifiers and single-ended Class A amplifiers.

  • Suitable to work with almost standard HIFI or HI-END lowe power or high power speakers like 200w speakers

805 Amplifier (50wx2):

  • Sound Characteristics: Clear, linear, with good audio resolution and dynamic range, described as bright, transparent, and precise.

  • Low-frequency Performance: 805 typically provides a flatter, more accurate low-frequency response, helping to produce clean, powerful low-frequency sound.

  • Distortion Characteristics: Distortion levels are relatively low, especially at high power outputs, with distortion being more linear and transparent.

  • Application Scenarios: Suitable for music performances requiring high fidelity and dynamic range, such as classical music, jazz, and rock music, with clear and transparent sound.

  • Suitable for all type of speakers less or more than 200w or 300w HIFI or HI-END system or AV system

211 Amplifier (15wx2):

  • Sound Characteristics: Neutral, balanced, maintaining a certain warmth and fullness.

  • Balanced Performance: The sound characteristics of 211 tubes are usually described as neutral and balanced. They provide good audio resolution and dynamic range while maintaining a certain warmth and fullness. Compared to 845 tubes, they may be closer to linear sound and less prone to coloration.

  • Distortion Characteristics: Distortion levels are typically low, especially at high power outputs, with distortion being more linear and transparent.

  • Application Scenarios: Suitable for music performances requiring high power output and good dynamic range, such as large-scale music hall sound systems or professional recording studios.

  • Suitable to work for some vintage high sensitivity speakers with less than 150w power speakers


Due to its remarkable cost-effectiveness, superior sound performance, and high product quality, the R100 high-level tube amplifier has experienced unprecedented success over the past two years. It stands as a top-selling high-level tube amplifier globally.

Two years ago Muzishare just released 3 versions R100: 845, 805 and 211, latest updates are:
  1. Tube Replacement:

    • Replaced the old standard 845 or 805 or 211 and 300B/5U4G tubes with customized replica WE vintage 845/300B/5U4G tubes, with carbonized anode plate

    • This Sinification upgrade improves sound quality and reduces background noise, utilizing the same metals as the replica West Electric tube. Notably, the 300B and 5U4G(274B) tubes now feature black plates.

  2. Preamp Tube Upgrade:

    • Replaced the standard preamp tube with JJ ECC83 and EH6SN7, contributing to improved signal processing and audio fidelity.

  3. User Convenience:

    • Introduced an Infrared remote control for added convenience, allowing users to adjust settings from a distance.

  4. Circuit Design Enhancement:

    • Upgraded the internal circuit design for optimized performance and audio clarity.

  5. Precision Resistors:

    • Replaced components with high-precision resistors to ensure accurate signal processing and stability.

  6. Choke Upgrade:

    • Upgraded the top-quality choke to a Z11 iron choke with full shielding and crafted from single crystal copper, further enhancing the amplifier's overall performance and reliability.



●The whole panel is made of 14mm aerospace solid aluminum wire drawing. The knob is made of full solid aluminum high-gloss car. The signal switch on both sides adopts Japanese knurling technology, and the hand damping is very good. High-precision multi-function output power meter and ammeter, backlight black The bottom is specially made of film. The back of the dial is set with dozens of LED lamp beads, the double structure chassis base, the outer layer is laid with 3mm brushed aluminum plate, and the inner layer is made of 2mm thick steel plate.

●The R100 power switch key is placed on the left side of the panel; the side knurling knob has built-in 4-speed dedicated functions, namely BIAS V1, BIAS V2 and METER H, METER L, to adjust the power tube V1, V2 bias current selection and level meter sensitivity. Damping selection. The right side of the meter head is the volume adjustment knob, which uses a high-precision ALPS potentiometer specially designed in Japan. The right-hand knurled knob is a 6-speed source input selection file, which are PHONO (single release), lin1, lin2, lin3, BALACNCE (balanced). ), PRE IN (pure power amp)

●R100's high-voltage power supply and filament power supply independently use two Z11 iron core high-efficiency power supply cattle, the output transformer uses two Z11 iron core wide-band EI single-ended output cattle, all powered separately.

●The R100 filter circuit uses 12 1500uf 600V Japanese Nichicon large hydrothermal capacitors and two specially designed chokes.

●The R100 not only has the full analog amplification function of the vacuum tube power amplifier, but also puts the enthusiast's favorite vinyl singing function into it. The MM cartridge input R100 also has pure post-level function. The R100 has three sets of analog audio inputs, one group sings. Head input, a set of pre-stage inputs, and also a set of balanced input BALANCE ports, this is a true balanced input, R100 output has 4 ohms, 8 ohms and 16 ohms respectively, support all impedance speakers.

●MUZISHARE is one of best chinese hi-fi equiment production manufacturer,  Their products have past Certificate of Conformity European(CE)

300B Drive 845 Amplifier: ​The tone is noble and gorgeous, the lines are clear, full and transparent, the penetrating power, the sound line layer density is fine and smooth, the tension is full, the sound field is rich and infectious, the medium frequency is rich and thick, and the low frequency is full.)

Technical Parameters:

  • Rated output power: 30W + 30W

  • Input : PHONO MM, lin1, lin2, lin3, Balanced , Pre IN

  • Output Impedance: 4Ω 8Ω 16Ω,  (ok to work for LS3/5A speakers on 16ohm connectors)

  • SNR: 92 dB

  • Harmonic distortion: 1% (1kHz) Frequency Machine: 15Hz ~ 35kHz (-1.5dB)

  • Net weight: 42kg (Hifi exquis 1101017)

  • Package weight:  49kg

  • power consumption: 450w (Hifi exquis 1101017)

  • Preamp tube:   ECC83(12AX7) × 2 , 6SN7 × 2

  • Driver tube: 300B × 2 (special customize black plate , same quality than replica WE300B)

  • Power tube : 845 x2 (special customized, same quality than replica WE845)

  • Rectifier:  5U4G × 1 (special customize black plate , same quality than replica WE274B)

  • Dimension:(W × D × H):430*435*265mm

805 tube has a cap on top of tube, so 805 tube amplifier version are like :


845 or 211 tube have the same shape, so 845 or 211 tube amp are the same look:



​ ​ ​ ​


By on 11 May 2024 (MUZISHARE R100 845 805 211 Tube Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS ECC83 6SN7 300B Driver Lampe Integrated / Power Amp Remote) :



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