LaoChen 845 Tube Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS Single-Ended Class A 300B 6SN7 Driver Flagship Lamp Amp

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New product

OldChen (Aiqin Tube Art)

Since 2 years preparation and testing , Laochen in the end release their latest flagship big power 845 tube amplifier 

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  • Standard version
  • Luxury version

Without Any Tube version is without any tube

Luxury version option is with All Best  PSVANE specially customize for Laochen B lack  Plate, Gold Pins Tubes:  2x PSVANE 845-SEC, 2x PSVANE 300B-SEN,  2x 6SN7-SE(made by  PVANE ):
Standard version option is With PSVANE HIFI Seire 2x 845,  and  Special Customize  2x 6SN7, 2x 300B-SE :



  • Preamp tubes: 2 x Special customize 6SN7(grey plate) or 6SN7-SE (Gold pins, black plate)
  • Driver tube:  2x Special customize 300-SE or 300-SEN (both with gold pins,  black plate)
  • Power tubes: 2 x PSVANE HIFI serie 845(grey plate)   or
                          2 x Special customize for Laochen 845-SEC(Gold pins, black plate)
  •  Output power : 25Wx2 (8 ohms),  
  • Power transformer Power: 150W
  • Frequency response: 18Hz-35KHz
  • Output Impedance: 4 - 8 ohm
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤ 1% (1kHz)
  • Input Impedance: 100K ohms
  • Input Sensitivity: 500mV--2000mV
  • SNR: 87db
  • Size (W × D × H): 430(W)×340(D)×280(H)mm
  • Net weight: 27 kg
  • Package weight: 30Kg
  • Input voltage for: AC 50-60hz /110-120v, 220v  230v-240V



  • Use one high voltage transformer and one lower voltage transformer, 2 x power transformers independently supply amp, in order to ensure amplifier's power at the same time reduce the interference, in the absence of output feedback, the noise is controled within 1-1.5 millivolt, making the sound of the amplifier more broadly natural. 
  • Using custom 6SN7 preamplifier, (HIFI EXQUIS)
  • PSVANE 300B-SE to drive PSVANE 845 high-power bile duct drive output transformer, 
  • Between 300B and 845 is with stable efficient hi-fi coupling capacitors 
  • Use of metal film resistors, ALPS potentiometer and hi-fi level capacitors, 
  • signal amplification part use handmade scaffolding design to reduce the noise 
  • The power supply part use thickened circuit board. (HIFI EXQUIS)
  • use for each high voltage and low voltage two inductance for filtering,
  • Use a delay of 30 seconds of the circuit, effectively protecting the life of the power tube. 
  • Taiwan's high-quality dual-head dynamic VU meter, 
  • Direct thermal triode 845 amp, both the performance of human voice and natural string and delicate, and also when dynamic time it's calm and magnificent, 
  • Gold-plated connectors (HIFI EXQUIS)
  • 3 inputs source with swither (HIFI EXQUIS)
  • Free offer tubes protection grille (HIFI EXQUIS)
  • All electronic component are high level quality
  • Manufactuer Laochen is most famous Chinese brand, they have 3 brands: "Oldchen" , "LaoChen", "Aiqin" ,  its EL34 series is already sold more 20000 copies.





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