DIYTubeArt wood 6N3 +6P6P(6V6) tube amp single-ended pure handmade amplifier with tube rectified

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  • 220-240v version

Tube rectified version 6P6P (6V6) small single-ended, warm mellow sound, the overall sense of hearing beyond the our 6P1 single-ended tube amp,  the best partner of the high-quality full-range speakers

Handmade scaffolding welding production, wood base size: 30cmx20cm, warm sound, solid and durable!

Circuit architecture: Two three-pole tube 6N3 voltage amplification,
Beam radiation 6P6P(6V6) tube single-ended Class A power output, power part is with double 6Z4 parallel  composed full range rectifier circuit, making sound more authentic!





The tube is preferred 1970s and 1980s new inventory, all through the front of the machine to detect the pairing!

WIMA 0.47UF400V audio coupling capacitors:

P6P (6V6) is a veteran ELNA 330UF50V cathode capacitance electrolyticaudio speed:

Taiwan high-quality SHUANGLIAN's100K volume potentiometer, feel good, no rotation noise:

80w power supply transformers, power supplies are plentiful!
Tailored (5000 ohm: 4 ohms: 8 ohms) single-ended output of cattle
Using 57mm imported cold-rolled annealed sheet, and manufacturers of enamelled copper wire,
Layered carefully around the system,  Measured primary inductance greater than 12 Henry, Leakage inductance is small, Frequency range wide!

Rated output power: 4.5W +4.5 W (actual distortion and 35W +35 W output power transistor amplifier quite).

With 4 ohm and 8 ohm impedance output terminals of two kinds, suitable for high sensitivity bookshelf speakers , full-range speaker box of course better!


only 220/230v available