PSVANE TC3 300B-N Tube Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS handmade 300B lamp amp with remote

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Remote control  with motor Potentiometer assure better voltage signal transmission, the pure PSVANE hifi quanlity sound give this amp a prefect performence.  assure your hifi sound request

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  • With PSVANE HIFI 300B-N
  • With PSVANE HIFI 300B

300B-N version:  By default we sell the 300BN tube version, it use PSVANE HIFI serie 300B-N power tube,  Eggplant shape 300B-N tube is one of PSVANE famous 300B tube, have a better sound than standard 300B


PSVANE HIFI 300B version option:   If you need only PSVANE HiFi serie 300B tube, but not 300B-N tube, please choose this version, The PSVANE 300B tube is like:
  • Tube: Rectifier: PSVANE HIFI 274B x1
              Power tube: PSVANE HIFI 300B-N x2
              Preamp tube: PSVANE 12AU7x2,  NOS Beijing 6N11(ECC88)x2
  • Output power: 8W + 8W (RMS 8Ω)
  • Power consumption: 200W
  • Frequency response: 20HZ-16KHZ
  • Input sensitivity: 560MV
  • Input impedance: 100KΩ
  • Output impedance: 4Ω 8Ω
  • Headphone output impedance: 32Ω-300Ω
  • Signal to noise ratio: 88DB
  • Power supply: AC 115V / 230V 50HZ / 60HZ
  • Dimensions: 340 (W) * 181 (H) * 255 (D) mm
  • Net weight: 15KG


Features about PSVANE TC3:

What kind of amp is PSVANE TC3 on earth? 
PSVANE is one of the four best tube producers in the world. WE300B and T845 are all produced by this company. Over 80% of its items are exported to abroad. The company currently is the only one that has the ability to design tubes and power amp at the same time in the globe. Its customers include the businessmen, political VIPs and artists. The products are well received by its fans, they said: PSVANE is a little expensive but the sound is indeed excellent!  
 --- TC3, the PSVANE Heritage Series, adopts the KT88 Push-Pull amp and the power is over 35W. The item is mostly exported to Europe and South America, so we are very strict with the parameters to make it in accordance with the foreign requirements. Amp of 35W is good enough to drive any HIFI voice box in your home! It is much better than EL34 in the any aspect of the voice.   

If you have used TC3, you will completely subvert the KT88 Push-Pull amp in your memory. In the past, KT88 is the low price product and its voice is rough and raspy. But now we PSVANE make it different! The voice becomes nature and fluent at present. T845, which is sold in Europe with the price of 10 thousand RMB, is designated by many distributors as the flagship loudspeaker to drive Dynaudio and ATC and well received by every user at home and abroad. Thus, we can find that although the two products have different costing and customers, TC3 does inherit the voice style and the unique musicianship advantage of PSVANE and has a high performance-price ratio.  
TC3 is nearly a perfect amp in sound performance, standard of workmanship, function equipment and the sales price.
TC3 is completely hand welded and with the same technology as other similar products. Its 30 seconds delay function fully guarantees the stability of the tube so there will not be problems after the boot. 3.5mm headphone can also be used in TC3 that makes it can be a music player sometimes. Beside, the well-made aluminium remote control has enhanced the convenience and taste of TC3. Many people may ask the same question: why does the product only sell 3000 RMB? Actually there are two ways to control the price in this industry. One is cost control and the other is scale effect. However, cost control usually makes compromises in products. Thus we chose the latter means and promise that the TC3 you got has the highest performance-price ratio voice in China. Some foreign distributors even did experiment to DIY such an item with the same price as TC3 but only found it very difficult to do it.  
A Completely Analysis of TC3 

- The soul of amps: transformers
As the practitioners in this industry for several years, we got that the soul of amps must be the transformer. T845 proves that the reasons why PSVANE could make the most comprehensive and best amps in China are actually because of the transformers. For TC3, we are extremely strict with the selecting of materials. The result proves that the adopted output transformer and the power supply transformer make the sound performance rather excellent. 
--- The core of amp: Tubes 
The excellent performance of TC3 largely depends on the tubes of PSVANE. As the core of amp, the voice and the quality of the tubes decides the amp’s success or failure. PSVANE, as the leading enterprise in this industry, always applies its tubes in middle- and high-level or even flagship amplifiers. On the contrary, other companies usually buy their tubes from outside and thus the performance or the bias may discount the product. 
--- Absolute Zealot’s favorite Materials
    TC3 adopts a large number of imported components, which ranges from the large-size parts such as special coupling capacitance for advanced audio and the Electrolytic Capacitors to some key parts such as the single crystal copper and 6N copper connectors from Europe. No other components from the retail channel can compare with. 
--- Perfectly Design both inside and outside
Outside, TC3 is a rare work with an excellent designing sense in the industry. There is a Chinese eight trigrams on its front aluminum panel, which well conveys the harmony, coexisting, integration and nature. These elements happened to be in accordance with music. Inside, the circuit of TC3 passed through repeated optimization and finally adjusted the sound together with transformers and tubes. In order to pay more attention to users’ experience, our overseas cooperating teams didn’t over-pursuit the power size but chose the way of bias controlling. That makes the work points be accurate for a very long time and it also convenient to change an advanced PSVANE tubes in the future. 
--- Other Information: the integrated detection means, the perfect package and the good after-sales service
To correspond to the basic requirements of the first-class brand amp factory, TC3 has the integrated detection means and the perfect package. Whether the detection of the separated tubes and machine platform, or the static and dynamic test and the resistance of cracking and pressure of the whole machine, we do our best to give a full guarantee to our customers. At the same time, we provide PSVANE the best after-sales service on TC3: quickly, wholly and closely. 



300B-N version is with below 300B-N tube:

300B version tube:


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