Himing RIVALS latest 300B-7 300B tube amplifier HIFI EXQUIS handmand scaffolding lamp amp

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Black version:


Silver version:




Basic technical parameters:

  •   Tubes:  Rectifier tube:  SHUGUANG 5Z3PA x 1
  •                Voltage tubes: SHUGUANG 6n4(same than 12ax7) x 2 and 6N8P x 2
  •                Power tubes:  PSVANE 300B x 2
  •    Output power:  10W x 2
  •    Frequency response: 20Hz-18KHz (HIFI EXQUIS CO, LIMITED)
  •    Output Impedance: 4ohms - 8ohms
  •    Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤ 1% (1kHz)
  •    Input Impedance: 100Kohm
  •    Input Sensitivity: 500MV-2V
  •    Power transformer: 350w 0.35 Japan Z11 115*60 hifi quality Handmad
  •      Output transformer: 25w 0.35 Japan Z11 86*50  hifi quality Handmad
  •    Size (W × D × H): 430mm × 340mm × 240mm 
  •    Net weight: 25 k (HIFI EXQUIS CO, LIMITED)
  • Input voltage: 110v-240v 50-60hz version


Materials and features: 
Latest Rivals 300B-7 tube amp use more high level's HIFI components like:

  • Teflon silver plated wire used in the machine 
  • ALPS's potentiometer
  • Using new Philips filtering capacitors, USA MIT coupling capacitors and SPRAGUE cathode capacitors
  • 3 RCA inputs, connecte to all your music analog source 
  • Bluetooth 4.0 received module connect with your smart mobile equipement
  • Double level preamplification part, first preamp by 6n4 and then drive by 6N8P, giving 300B a very powerfully and fine sound, have more space

This tube amp is one the most popular new tube amps created by "Veteran",  its EL34 tube amplifier has been sold more than few thousand copies!  this is a new luxury 300B tube amp with well-know PSVANE tube, and all high level componants inside. it's used for any 10-150w 89-98db around top HIFI Speakers to all music type, and full dynamic music. (HIFI EXQUIS CO, LIMITED)





HIFI EXQUIS use double package to ship this amplifier

We recommand upgrade the rectifier to PSVANE 274B, can give a much improve about the sound quality