YAQIN MC-300C 300B tube amplifier HIFI EXQUIS Single ended highest grade Class A tube amp with remote control MS-300C

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MC-300C use two level driver to assuer the 300B sound quality, famous 6N8P(6SN7)*2, 12AT7*2

PSVANE's 300B*2,

Rectifier use chinese 5Z3P*1 , it can be replaced by 274B or 5u4 etc to improuve the sound quality

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  • Wadamo style driving circuit.(HIFI EXQUIS)
  • Thriod connection, class A, single-ended, tube rectifier circuit and choke filtering.
  • Special design for headphone output function, can use headphones to listen to tube amplifier(HIFI EXQUIS)
  • provided with high voltage delay protection circuit, can effectively prolong the service life of vacuum tube.
  • equipped with an infrared remote control volume and select the conversion function.(HIFI EXQUIS)
  • Ad hoc pure power amplification mode and integrated mode functions can be dual purpose in one machine.
  • adopt the foreign famous factory special hifi-level electrolytic capacitor, nonpolar philip (MKP) capacitor and high-quality gold resistance manufacturing.
  • Audio output transformer adopts silicon steel sheet Z11 (0.35 mm thick) imported from Japan and high strength oxygen-free copper enameled wire and special multi-layer hierarchical grouping the winding process of production.(HIFI EXQUIS)

Tube amp (tube amp): it is the audio industry's most ancient and enduring evergreen tree, its significant advantage is sweet and gentle voice, the natural concern, particularly the large dynamic range, linearity of the good, not the other devices Can substitute lightly.


  • Output Power: 8.5 W + 8.5W(8ohms)(HIFI EXQUIS)
  • Signal to noise ratio(SNR): ≥84 dB(A)
  • Distortion: (8OHMS*h)≤1.4%(1KHz)
  • Frequency response: 5Hz-46KHz(-2dB)
  • Input sensitivity:
    (during integrated input)0.2V(HIFI EXQUIS)
    (during pure post-stage input)0.5V
  • Load Impedance:4OHMS-8OHMS
  • Vacuum tube: PSVANE 300B*2, Shuguang  6N8P*2, 12AT7*2 and 5Z3P*1
  • Input: 3 groups(HIFI EXQUIS)
  • Output: 2 groups
  • Dimensions: 485x 380 x 270mm
  • Weight: 31kg(HIFI EXQUIS)

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