Weiliang Breeze Audio DP1 2.1 TPA3116D2 amplifier HIFI EXQUIS desktop amp

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WeiLiang Breeze Audio




  • With power supply
  • Without power supply


Product description:

  • The TPA3116D2 amplifier board with two digital amplifier chip as the core , one for left and right channels , another for bridge driver subwoofer
  • It's small size, high efficiency , high power characteristics.
  • Regardless of the cost of materials , capacitors Philip , Thomson, ruby. Taiwan- quality potentiometers sealed , original TPA3116D2 chip , SMD chip devices , and so on .
  • Board circuit is simple , reliable work.  Compact board , use and installation are very flexible and convenient.
  • All use genuine components using devices capable of long-term stability.
  • You can use desktop power supply, it is also very suitable for battery -powered devices , such as motorcycles, cars , electric cars , and so on .
  • Main filter capacitor is 4700uf 35v, but for the power amplification chip's limitation, this amplifier can accept just 12-24v DC power supply, the capacitor will work in a good condition. 

  • The left and right channel full-range, with 24v output voltage power can drive 3-16 ohm speakers , a very wide range
  • The subwoofer channel with 24v standard voltage power can drive 2-16 ohm subwoofer , unique
  • Bass cutoff frequency independent regulation 80HZ-500HZ adjustable from front panal,
  • Independently adjustable subwoofer gain
  • Preampfication part use two NE5532DD OP-amp , can giving a HIFI quality sound

3 knobs in front panal:

  1. The left is the stereo volume control(just for left and right channels adjustment)
  2. The middle is Subwoofer volume control
  3. Right is global volume control(for 3 channels adjustment)

Operating voltage 12V-24V.(recommande about 20v laptop power adapter)
Left and right channel output 50WX2(max),
subwoofer output 100w(max), 
efficiency can reach above 90%

Dimensions: height 35mm width 90mm length 108 mm

all-aluminum enclosuremidrange tweeter weak and no way to adjust the most complete digital amplifier board 2.1



The power adapter is not include,  This amp needs a power supply of DC 12V-24V >= 120w with standard 5.5mm-2.1(2.5)mm power input plug (recommande about 20v laptop power adapter)

With power supply is with HPpower supply 19v 6A, it's a very high quality adapter(this power supply is old stock)

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Weiliang Breeze Audio DP1 2.1 TPA3116D2 amplifier HIFI EXQUIS desktop amp

Weiliang Breeze Audio DP1 2.1 TPA3116D2 amplifier HIFI EXQUIS desktop amp